Coulson and Richardson’s Chemical Engineering,
Edition 6 Volume 2B: Separation Processes
Edited by Ajay Kumar Ray

Publication Date: 28 Jun 2023
Coulson and Richardson’s Chemical Engineering: Volume 2B, Separation Processes, Sixth Edition, covers distillation and gas absorption, illustrating applications of the fundamental principles of mass transfer. Several techniques, including adsorption, ion exchange, chromatographic membrane separations and process intensification are comprehensively covered and explored.

Key Features

  • Presents content converted from textbooks into fully revised reference material
  • Provides content that ranges from foundational to technical
  • Includes new additions, such as emerging applications, numerical methods, and computational tools
About the author
Edited by Ajay Kumar Ray, Chair, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department, Western University, Canada
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ISBN: 9780081010976
Page Count: 860
Retail Price : £99.95
9780080966595; 9780123877857; 9780123971890
Academic and Professional Chemical and Process Engineers
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