Metals for Biomedical Devices,
Edition 2
Edited by Mitsuo Niinomi

Publication Date: 18 May 2019

Metals for Biomedical Devices, Second Edition, has been fully updated and builds upon the success of its first edition, discussing the latest techniques in metal processing methods and the behavior of this important material. Initial chapters review the current status and selection of metals for biomedical devices. Subsequent chapters cover mechanical behavior, degradation and testing, corrosion, wear testing and biocompatibility, the processing of metals for biomedical applications, including topics such as forging metals and alloys, surface treatment, coatings and sterilization. Chapters in the final section discuss the clinical applications of metals, such as cardiovascular, orthopedic and new generation biomaterials.

With its distinguished editor and team of expert contributors, this book is a standard reference for materials scientists, researchers and engineers working in the medical devices industry and academia.

Key Features

  • Reviews the latest techniques in metal processing methods, including surface treatment and sterilization
  • Examines metal selection for biomedical devices, considering the biocompatibility of various metals
  • Assesses mechanical behavior and the testing of metals, featuring the latest information on corrosion, fatigue and wear
  • Discusses biodegradable alloys, including a new section on Mg alloys
  • Includes a new section that discusses the use of additive manufacturing in the production of medical devices
About the author
Edited by Mitsuo Niinomi, Professor Emeritus of Tohoku University. Niinomi Research Group
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Overview of metals and biomedical applications
2. Selection of metals for biomedical devices
3. Physical and mechanical properties of metallic biomaterials
4. Corrosion of metallic biomaterials
5. Fatigue failure of metallic biomaterials
6. Mechanical testing of metallic biomaterials
7. Tribology and tribocorrosion testing and analysis of metallic biomaterials
8. Biocompatibility and fabrication of in situ bioceramic coating
9. Biodegradable magnesium alloys
10. Forging of metals and alloys for biomedical applications
11. Casting
12. Additive manufacturing (AM)
13. Surface treatment
14. Coatings for metallic biomaterials
15. Bioinspired functionalization of metal surfaces with polymers
16. Sterilisation and cleaning of metallic biomaterials
17. Orthopaedic applications of metallic biomaterials
18. Advances in clinical applications of metal biomaterials for spinal reconstruction
19. New generation metallic biomaterials
20. Absorbable metals for cardiovascular applications


Book details
ISBN: 9780081026663
Page Count: 596
Retail Price : £200.00
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Researchers and engineers in the field of advanced materials and medical and dental engineering; undergraduate and graduate students