Physiological Systems in Insects,
Edition 2
By Marc J Klowden and Marc J. Klowden

Publication Date: 30 Aug 2007
As the largest living group on earth, insects can provide us with insight into adaptation, evolution, and survival. The 2nd edition of this standard text for insect physiology courses and entomologists provides the most comprehensive analysis of the systems that make insects important contributors to our environment. Physiological Systems in Insects discusses the role of insect molecular biology, nueroendocrinology, biochemistry, and genetics in our understanding of insects. Organized according to insect physiological functions, this book is fully updated with the latest and foundational research that has influenced understanding of the patterns and processes of insects.

Key Features

  • Full update of a widely used text for students and researchers in entomology and zoology
  • Includes recent research that uses molecular techniques to uncover physiological mechanisms
  • Includes a glossary of physiological terms
  • New, extended section on locomotive systems
  • Provides abundant figures derived from scientific reports
About the author
By Marc J Klowden and Marc J. Klowden, University of Idaho, Moscow, U.S.A.
Table of Contents
1. Endocrine Systems
2. Integumentary Systems
3. Developmental Systems
4. Reproductive Systems
5. Behavioral Systems
6. Metabolic Systems
7. Circulatory Systems
8. Excretory Systems
9. Respiratory Systems
10. Locomotor Systems
11. Nervous Systems
12. Communication Systems
Book details
ISBN: 9780123694935
Page Count: 688
Retail Price : £52.99
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Entomologists, evolutionary biologists and geneticists