Veterinary Toxicology,
Edition 1 Basic and Clinical Principles
Edited by Ramesh C Gupta, PhD

Publication Date: 14 Mar 2007
Veterinary Toxicology, 2nd edition is a unique single reference that teaches the basic principles of veterinary toxicology and builds upon these principles to offer an essential clinical resource for those practicing in the field. This reference book is thoroughly updated with new chapters and the latest coverage of topics that are essential to research veterinary toxicologists, students, professors, clinicians and environmentalists. Key areas include melamine and cyanuric acid, toxicogenomics, veterinary medical geology, toxic gases, toxicity and safety evaluation of new veterinary pharmaceuticals and much more. The 2nd edition of this popular book represents the collective wisdom of leading contributors worldwide and continues to fill an undeniable need in the literature relating to veterinary toxicology.

Key Features

  • New chapters covering important and timely topics such as melamine and cyanuric acid, toxicogenomics, toxic gases and veterinary medical geology
  • Expanded look at international topics, such as epidemiology of animal poisonings, regulatory guidelines and poisonous plants in Europe
  • Heavily contributed book with chapters written by qualified and well-experienced authorities across all areas of veterinary toxicology
  • Problem solving strategies are offered for treatment as well as in-depth knowledge of the basic mechanisms of veterinary toxicology
About the author
Edited by Ramesh C Gupta, PhD, Professor and Head, Toxicology Department, Breathitt Veterinary Center, Murray State University, Hopkinsville, KY
Table of Contents
ForewordGeneralIntroduction General Principles of Veterinary ToxicologyPharmacokinetics in Veterinary ToxicologyPhysiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling Mechanism of ToxicityToxicological Testing: In Vitro in Vivo ModelsEpidemiology of Poisoning CasesChemical TerrorismRegulatory Considerations in Veterinary ToxicologyLegal Considerations in Veterinary ToxicologyOrgan ToxicityNervous System ToxicityHepatic ToxicityRenal ToxicityRespiratory ToxicityCardiovascular ToxicityEndocrine DisruptionReproductive ToxicityPlacental Toxicity Dermal ToxicityHematopoietic System ToxicityImmunotoxicityNanoparticles, Radiation Biomedical responses of NanoparticlesOxidative Stress Radiation MaterialsCarcinogenesis: Molecular mechanism Drugs of Use Toxicity of Over -the-Counter DrugsToxicity of Drugs of AbuseMetals ArsenicCadmiumCopperFluorideIronLeadMercuryMolybdenumPhosphorusSeleniumSodium ChlorideSulfurZincOther Elements (Aluminum, Chromium, Cobalt, Iodine, Manganese, Tin)InsecticidesOrganophosphates OrganochlorinesPyrethrins, Pyrethroids InsecticidesRodenticidesAnticoagulant RodenticidesNon-anticoagulant Rodenticides Herbicides Toxicity of HerbicidesToxicity of FungicidesToxic Gases Toxic GasesSmoke InhalationIndustrial ToxicantsEthylene glycol and OxalatesDetergents, Soaps, Surfactants Household ProductsPetroleum ProductsDioxin, PCBs Environmental ToxicologyAvian ToxicologyEcotoxicityAquatic ToxicologyBlue-Green Algae ToxinsToxicology of Marine ToxinsBacterial ToxinsBotulinum ToxinEnterotoxinsPoisonous OrganismsCaterpillars Reproductive Loss SyndromeZootoxinsEstrogenic ToxicantsPhytoestrogensChemical-Induced EstrogenecityPoisonous PlantsPoisonous PlantsCyanogenic PlantsNitrate Accumulating PlantsFescue ToxicosisMushroom ToxinsCotton Seed ToxicityTaxus PoisoningMycotoxinsAflatoxinsTrichothecenesVomitoxinZearalenoneFumonisinsPenicillium MycotoxinsTremorgenic MycotoxinsSlaframineErgotFeed ContaminantsIonophoresUrea Chicken LitterWater Quality Diagnostic ToxicologyAnalytical Toxicology PrinciplesSample Submission for Toxicological AnalysisAnalytical Instrumentation Applied in the Veterinary Toxicology LaboratoryToxicoproteomics in Diagnostic ToxicologyMicroscopic Analysis of Toxic Substances in Feed Role of Pathology in Diagnosing Toxicological CasesInterpretation of Analytical ResultsTherapeutic MeasuresPrevention of Poisonings
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ISBN: 9780123704672
Page Count: 1224
Retail Price : £76.99
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Professors and students (DVM, MS, or PhD level) in the area of veterinary toxicology, practicing veterinarians, veterinary toxicologists, poison control centers, marine biologists, environmentalists, animal scientists, schools/ colleges of veterinary medicine, and college and university libraries