Statistical Methods,
Edition 3
By Donna L. Mohr

Publication Date: 06 Jul 2010

Statistical Methods, Third Edition, provides students with a working introduction to statistical methods offering a wide range of applications that emphasize the quantitative skills useful across many academic disciplines. This text takes a classic approach that emphasizes concepts and techniques for working out problems and intepreting results.

The book includes research projects, real-world case studies, numerous examples, and data exercises organized by level of difficulty. Students are required to be familiar with algebra. This updated edition includes new exercises applying different techniques and methods; new examples and datasets using current real-world data; new text organization to create a more natural connection between regression and the Analysis of the Variance; new material on generalized linear models; new expansion of nonparametric techniques; new student research projects; and new case studies for gathering, summarizing, and analyzing data.

Key Features

  • Integrates the classical conceptual approach with modern day computerized data manipulation and computer applications
  • Accessibile to students who may not have a background in probability or calculus
  • Offers reader-friendly exposition, without sacrificing statistical rigor
  • Includes many new data sets in various applied fields such as Psychology, Education, Biostatistics, Agriculture, Economics
About the author
By Donna L. Mohr, Professor Emeritus of Statistics, University of North Florida, FL, USA
Table of Contents
1. Data and statistics2. Probability and sampling distributions3. Principles of inference4. Inferences on a single population5. Inferences for two populations6. Inferences for two or more means7. Linear regression8. Multiple regression9. Linear models10. Factorial experiments11. Design of experiments12. Categorical data13. Generalized linear models14. Nonparametric methods
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ISBN: 9780123749703
Page Count: 824
Retail Price : £87.99
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Instructor Resources
Advanced undergraduates majoring or minoring in statistics, math or graduate students in an applied field requiring statistical methods: psychology, public administration, economics, sociology, education, public health, engineering, agriculture