Serial Crime,
Edition 2 Theoretical and Practical Issues in Behavioral Profiling
By Wayne Petherick and Wayne Petherick

Publication Date: 06 Jul 2009

Serial Crime, Second Edition, examines serial predatory behavior and is divided into two main parts.

Part one deals with behavioral profiling, and covers a variety of critical issues from the history of profiling and the theoretical schools of thought to its treatment in the mainstream media. This updated edition includes new sections on the problems of induction, metacognition in criminal profiling, and investigative relevance. Part two deals more specifically with a number of types of serial crime including stalking, rape, murder, and arson. Chapters on each of these crimes provide definitions and thresholds, and discussions of the offenders, the crime, and its dynamics. Considerations for behavioral profiling and investigations and the development of new paradigms in each area are interwoven throughout. Topics are conceptually and practically related since profiling has typically seen most application in serial crimes and similar investigations.

The unique presentation of the book successfully connects the concepts and creates links to criminal behavior across crimes—murder, sexual assault, and arson—something no other title does. The connection of serial behavior to profiling, the most useful tool in discovering behavior patterns, is also new to the body of literature available and serves to examine the ideal manner in which profiling can be used in conjunction with behavioral science to positively affect criminal investigations.

Key Features

  • Provides a theoretical and practical foundation for understanding the motivation and dynamics in a range of serial offenses
  • Illustrates the promise, purposes and pitfalls of behavioral profiling in the investigation of various serial crimes
  • Numerous case examples show the real world uses of behavioral profiling in investigations, as well as highlighting a variety of issues in understanding and investigating serial crime
About the author
By Wayne Petherick, Associate Professor of Criminology, Faculty of Society and Design, Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and Wayne Petherick, Associate Professor of Criminology, Faculty of Society and Design, Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Table of Contents

1. Criminal Profiling: A Continuing HistoryGareth Norris2. Induction and Deduction in Criminal ProfilingWayne Petherick3. Behavioral Consistency, the Homology Assumption and the Problems of InductionWayne Petherick and Claire Ferguson4. Criminal Profiling MethodsWayne Petherick5. The Fallacy of Accuracy in Criminal ProfilingWayne Petherick6. Investigative RelevanceClaire Ferguson7. Metacognition in Criminal ProfilingBarry Woodhouse and Wayne Petherick8. Profiling as Expert EvidenceWayne Petherick, David Field, Andrew Lowe and Elizabeth Fry9. Where to from Here?Wayne Petherick10. Criminal Profilers and the Media: Profiling the Beltway SnipersBrent Turvey and Michael McGrath11. Serial Stalking: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?Wayne Petherick12. Serial Rape: An Investigative ApproachTerry Goldsworthy13. Understanding Serial Sexual Murder: A Biopsychosocial ApproachRobert J. Homant and Daniel B. Kennedy14. Serial ArsonRoss Brogan

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Page Count: 408
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Turvey / Petherick, Forensic Victimology, October 2008, pp. 608, $59.95, ISBN 9780123740892Turvey, Criminal Profiling, 3e, April 2008, pp. 816, $79.95, ISBN 9780123741004Houck / Siegel, Fundamentals of Forensic Science, April 2006, pp. 688, $79.95, ISBN 9780123567628
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