Strategies of Banks and Other Financial Institutions,
Edition 1 Theories and Cases
By Rajesh Kumar

Publication Date: 11 Jul 2014
How and why do strategic perspectives of financial institutions differ by class and region? Strategies of Banks and Other Financial Institutions: Theories and Cases is an introduction to global financial institutions that presents both theoretical and actual aspects of markets and institutions. The book encompasses depository and non-depository Institutions; money markets, bond markets, and mortgage markets; stock markets, derivative markets, and foreign exchange markets; mutual funds, insurance, and pension funds; and private equity and hedge funds. It also addresses Islamic financing and consolidation in financial institutions and markets. Featuring up-to-date case studies in its second half, Strategies of Banks and Other Financial Institutions proposes a useful theoretical framework and strategic perspectives about risk, regulation, markets, and challenges driving the financial sectors.

Key Features

  • Describes theories and practices that define classes of institutions and differentiate one financial institution from another
  • Presents short, focused treatments of risk and growth strategies by balancing theories and cases
  • Places Islamic banking and finance into a comprehensive, universal perspective
About the author
By Rajesh Kumar, Professor of Finance at the Institute of Management Technology, Dubai International Academy City, UAE
Table of Contents
PrefaceStrategies of Banks and Other Financial Institutions: Theories and CasesAcknowledgmentsDedicationPart: Part A1: Strategies and Structures of Financial InstitutionsAbstract1.1 Introduction1.2 Banking Performance Trends1.3 Strategic Trends1.4 Reform Policy Trends1.5 Technology Trends1.6 Challenges of Global Financial Institutions1.7 Changes in Control System151.8 Banking Trends in Emerging Markets1.9 The Financial Crisis of 20081.10 Impact of Financial Crisis on Banking System1.11 Structures of Financial Institutions1.12 Shadow Banking System1.13 Consolidation in the Financial Services Industry1.14 Importance of Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions1.15 SummaryQuestions for Discussion2: Regulatory Environment of Financial InstitutionsAbstract2.1 Introduction2.2 Universal Functions of Regulatory Agencies2.3 History of Regulatory Reforms2.4 Institutional Structures of Regulations2.5 Drivers of Regulatory Reforms2.6 Benefits of Regulatory Reform2.7 Role of State in Regulatory System2.8 Financial Crisis: Poor Governance of Financial Regulation2.9 Initiatives for Stability of the Financial System2.10 Regulation of the Banking System2.11 Basel Reforms2.12 Dodd-Frank Act2.13 Systemically Important Financial Institutions2.14 Financial Reforms in Europe2.15 Regulation in Nonbanking Financial Sectors2.16 Regulations in Capital Market2.17 SummaryQuestions for Discussion3: Risks Inherent in Financial InstitutionsAbstract3.1 Introduction3.2 History of Risk Measurement3.3 Services Provided by Financial Institutions3.4 Major Steps in Risk Management of Financial Institutions3.5 Generic Risks in Financial Institutions3.6 Risk Mitigation Strategies3.7 Risk Management Crisis: Lessons Learned3.8 Risk Management in Banks3.9 Risks in Major Nonbanking Financial Institutions3.10 SummaryQuestions for Discussion4: Money Markets, Bond Markets, and Mortgage MarketsAbstract4.1 Introduction4.2 Financial Market Instruments4.3 Mortgage Markets4.4 SummaryQuestions for Discussion5: Stock Markets, Derivatives Markets, and Foreign Exchange MarketsAbstract5.1 Stock Markets and Instruments5.2 Derivatives Market and Instruments5.3 Foreign Exchange Market and Instruments5.4 SummaryQuestions for Discussion6: Strategies of Depository InstitutionsAbstract6.1 Commercial Banks and Thrift Institutions6.2 SummaryQuestions for Discussion7: Investment Banks and Finance CompaniesAbstract7.1 Introduction to Investment Banking7.2 Finance Companies7.3 SummaryQuestions for Discussion8: Mutual Funds, Insurance, and Pension FundsAbstract8.1 Mutual Funds8.2 Insurance8.3 Pension Funds8.4 SummaryQuestions for Discussion9: Private Equity and Hedge FundsAbstract9.1 Private Equity9.2 Hedge Funds9.3 SummaryQuestions for Discussion10: Islamic InfluenceAbstract10.1 Introduction10.2 Features of Islamic Finance10.3 Relevance of Islamic Finance in the Global Economy10.4 Challenges10.5 Regulation10.6 Financing Methods in Islamic Finance10.7 Models Used in Islamic Banks10.8 Risk in Islamic10.9 Takaful10.10 SummaryQuestions for Discussion11: Consolidations in Financial Institutions and MarketsAbstract11.1 Introduction11.2 Megamergers and Acquisitions in the Banking and Other Finance Sectors11.3 Consolidation in the Insurance Sector11.4 Stock Market Mergers11.5 SummaryQuestions for DiscussionCases on Universal Banking1.1 Bank of America1.2 JPMorgan Chase and Company1.3 Citigroup1.4 Barclays1.5 BNP Paribas1.6 Crédit Agricole Group1.7 HSBC1.8 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China1.9 Deutsche BankCases on Mortgage Institutions and Credit Unions2.1 Mortgage Institutions2.2 Thrift Institutions—Credit UnionsCases on Investment Banks3.1 Investment Banks3.2 Goldman Sachs Group3.3 Morgan Stanley3.4 UBS GroupCases on Investment Management Companies4.1 Introduction4.2 The Vanguard Group4.3 American Funds4.4 Fidelity Funds4.5 T. Rowe Price4.6 PIMCO4.7 Franklin Templeton4.8 BlackRockCases on Insurance Companies5.1 Trends in the Insurance Industry5.2 Japan Post Insurance Co.5.3 Berkshire Hathaway5.4 AXA S.A.5.5 Allianz5.6 Generali Group5.7 Nippon Life Insurance5.8 Munich Reinsurance5.9 American International Group5.10 MetLife5.11 China Life Insurance Group5.12 AIA Group5.13 ING5.14 Zurich Insurance GroupCases on Pension Funds6.1 Pension Fund Trends6.2 Sovereign Pension Funds6.3 Corporate Pension FundsCases on Private Equity Firms7.1 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts7.2 Blackstone Group7.3 Bain Capital7.4 Carlyle Group7.5 TPG CapitalCases on Hedge Funds8.1 Bridgewater Associates8.2 Adage Capital Management8.3 York Capital Management8.4 Graham Capital Management8.5 Pershing Square Capital Management8.6 Man Group8.7 Brevan Howard Asset Management8.8 Och-Ziff Capital Management GroupCases on Islamic Banks9.1 Saudi Al Rajhi Bank9.2 Kuwait Finance House9.3 Dubai Islamic Bank9.4 Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank9.5 Al Baraka Islamic Bank9.6 Qatar Islamic BankCases on Sovereign Wealth Funds10.1 Sovereign Wealth FundsIndex
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Undergraduates and graduate students worldwide working on financial markets and institutions, Typical class titles include "Financial Markets and Institutions," "Banking," and "Commercial Bank Management" The book makes low demands about quantitative skills and background