Strategic Applications of Named Reactions in Organic Synthesis,
Edition 1
By Laszlo Kurti and Barbara Czako

Publication Date: 04 Mar 2005
Kurti and Czako have produced an indispensable tool for specialists and non-specialists in organic chemistry. This innovative reference work includes 250 organic reactions and their strategic use in the synthesis of complex natural and unnatural products. Reactions are thoroughly discussed in a convenient, two-page layout--using full color. Its comprehensive coverage, superb organization, quality of presentation, and wealth of references, make this a necessity for every organic chemist.

Key Features

* The first reference work on named reactions to present colored schemes for easier understanding
* 250 frequently used named reactions are presented in a convenient two-page layout with numerous examples
* An opening list of abbreviations includes both structures and chemical names
* Contains more than 10,000 references grouped by seminal papers, reviews, modifications, and theoretical works
* Appendices list reactions in order of discovery, group by contemporary usage, and provide additional study tools
* Extensive index quickly locates information using words found in text and drawings
About the author
By Laszlo Kurti, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA and Barbara Czako, , TX, USA
Table of Contents
I. Foreword by E. J. Corey
II Introduction by K. C. Nicolaou
III. Preface
IV. Explanation of the Use of Colors in the Schemes and Text
V. List of Abbreviations
VI. List of Named Organic Reactions (this main section includes 250 two-page entries)
VII. Named Organic Reactions in Alphabetcal Order
VIII. Appendix: Listing of the Named Reactions by Synthetic Type and by their Utility
IX. References
X. Index
Book details
ISBN: 9780124297852
Page Count: 816
Retail Price : £89.99
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A must-have reference tool for students, researchers, and professionals involved in any aspect of organic chemistry. Especially useful for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as practicing chemists in biotech and pharmaceutical industries.