A Course in Mathematical Statistics,
Edition 2
By George G. Roussas

Publication Date: 28 Feb 1997
A Course in Mathematical Statistics, Second Edition, contains enough material for a year-long course in probability and statistics for advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate students, or it can be used independently for a one-semester (or even one-quarter) course in probability alone. It bridges the gap between high and intermediate level texts so students without a sophisticated mathematical background can assimilate a fairly broad spectrum of the theorems and results from mathematical statistics. The coverage is extensive, and consists of probability and distribution theory, and statistical inference.

Key Features

@bul:* Contains 25% new material
* Includes the most complete coverage of sufficiency
@bul:* Transformation of Random Vectors
* Sufficiency / Completeness / Exponential Families
* Order Statistics
* Elements of Nonparametric Density Estimation
* Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
* Regression Analysis
* Linear Models
About the author
By George G. Roussas, University of California, Davis, USA
Table of Contents
Concepts of Set Theory
Some Probabilistic Concepts and Results
On Random variables and Their Distributions
Distribution Functions, Probability Densities, and their Relationships
Moments of Random Variables-Some Moment and Probability Inequalities
Characteristic Functions, Moment Generating
Functions, and Related Theorems
Stochastic Independence with Some Applications
Basic Limit Theorems
Transformations of Random Variables and Random
Order Statistics and Related Theorems
Sufficiency and Related Theorems
Point Estimation
Testing Hypotheses
Sequential Procedures
Confidence Regions-Tolerance Intervals
The General Linear Hypothesis
Analysis of Variance
The Multivariate Normal Distribution
Quadratic Forms
Nonparametric Inference
Table of Selected Discrete and Continuous
Distributions and Some of their Characteristics
Some Notation and Abbreviations
Book details
ISBN: 9780125993159
Page Count: 572
Retail Price : £62.99
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