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Computer Organization and Design ARM Edition,
Edition 1 The Hardware Software Interface
By David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy

Publication Date: 02 Mar 2016

The new ARM Edition of Computer Organization and Design features a subset of the ARMv8-A architecture, which is used to present the fundamentals of hardware technologies, assembly language, computer arithmetic, pipelining, memory hierarchies, and I/O.

With the post-PC era now upon us, Computer Organization and Design moves forward to explore this generational change with examples, exercises, and material highlighting the emergence of mobile computing and the Cloud. Updated content featuring tablet computers, Cloud infrastructure, and the ARM (mobile computing devices) and x86 (cloud computing) architectures is included.

An online companion Web site provides links to a free version of the DS-5 Community Edition (a free professional quality tool chain developed by ARM), as well as additional advanced content for further study, appendices, glossary, references, and recommended reading.

Key Features

  • Covers parallelism in depth with examples and content highlighting parallel hardware and software topics
  • Features the Intel Core i7, ARM Cortex-A53, and NVIDIA Fermi GPU as real-world examples throughout the book
  • Adds a new concrete example, "Going Faster," to demonstrate how understanding hardware can inspire software optimizations that improve performance by 200X
  • Discusses and highlights the "Eight Great Ideas" of computer architecture:  Performance via Parallelism; Performance via Pipelining; Performance via Prediction; Design for Moore's Law; Hierarchy of Memories; Abstraction to Simplify Design; Make the Common Case Fast;  and Dependability via Redundancy.
  • Includes a full set of updated exercises
About the author
By David A. Patterson, Pardee Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley, USA and John L. Hennessy, Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stanford University, USA
Table of Contents
1 Computer Abstractions and Technology
2 Instructions: Language of the Computer
3 Arithmetic for Computers
4 The Processor
5 Large and Fast: Exploiting Memory Hierarchy
6 Parallel Processors from Client to Cloud
A The Basics of Logic Design
B Graphics and Computing GPUs
C Mapping Control to Hardware
D A Survey of RISC Architectures
Book details
ISBN: 9780128017333
Page Count: 720
Retail Price : £74.99
  • Patterson and Hennessy, Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, 5th Edition, 2014, 9780124077263, $89.95
  • Hennessy and Patterson, Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach, 5th Edition, 20125, 9780123838728, $89.95
Undergraduate students in computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering courses in computer organization/architecture or computer design (ranging from sophomore required courses to senior elective). Professional digital system designers, programmers, application developers, and system software developers.
Y Yang Li (Iowa State University)
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