Research in the Biomedical Sciences,
Edition 1 Transparent and Reproducible
Edited by Michael Williams, Michael Curtis and Kevin Mullane

Publication Date: 10 Oct 2017

Research in the Biomedical Sciences: Transparent and Reproducible documents the widespread concerns related to reproducibility in biomedical research and provides a best practices guide to effective and transparent hypothesis generation, experimental design, reagent standardization (including validation and authentication), statistical analysis, and data reporting.

The book addresses issues in the perceived value of the existing peer review process and calls for the need for improved transparency in data reporting. It reflects new guidelines for publication that include manuscript checklists, replication/reproducibility initiatives, and the potential consequences for the biomedical research community and societal health and well-being if training, mentoring, and funding of new generations of researchers and incentives for publications are not improved.

This book offers real world examples, insights, and solutions to provide a thought-provoking and timely resource for all those learning about, or engaged in, performing and supervising research across the biomedical sciences.

Key Features

  • Provides a “big picture¿ perspective on the scope of reproducibility issues and covers initiatives that have potential as effective solutions
  • Offers real-world research context for transparent, reproducible experimental design, execution and reporting of biomedical research with the potential to address aspects of the translational gap in drug discovery
  • Highlights the importance of reproducibility and the necessary changes in biomedical and pharmaceutical research training and incentives to ensure sustainability
About the author
Edited by Michael Williams, Adjunct Professor, Pharmacology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA ; Michael Curtis, Reader in Pharmacology, King’s College London, Rayne Institute, St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK and Kevin Mullane, Director, Corporate Liaison and Ventures, J. David Gladstone Institutes, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Table of Contents
  1. Reproducibility in Biomedical Research
  2. Experimental Planning and Execution
  3. Statistical Analysis in Preclinical Biomedical Research
  4. Reporting Results
  5. Addressing Reproducibility: Peer Review, Checklists, Guidelines and Reproducibiliry Initiatives
  6. Issues in Contemporary Biomedical Research
Book details
ISBN: 9780128047255
Page Count: 382
Retail Price : £55.95
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Graduate students in biomedical research fields including pharmacology, pharmaceutical science, molecular biology, systems biology and more and early career researchers in academia and the pharmaceutical industry