Atlas of the Human Body,
Edition 1 Central Nervous System and Vascularization
By Branislav Vidic and Milan Milisavljevic, M.D., S.D., D.Sc.,

Publication Date: 04 Apr 2017

Atlas of Human Body: Central Nervous System and Vascularization is a multidisciplinary approach to the technical coverage of anatomical structures and relationships. It contains surface and 3D dissection images, native and colored cross sectional views made in different planes, MRI comparisons, demonstrations of cranial nerve origins, distribution of blood vessels by dissection, and systematic presentation of arterial distribution from the precapillary level, using the methyl metacrylate injection and subsequent tissue digestion method.

Included throughout are late prenatal (fetal) and early postnatal images to contribute to a better understanding of structure/relationship specificity of differentiation at various developmental intervals (conduits, organs, somatic, or branchial derivatives). Each chapter features clinical correlations providing a unique perspective of side-by side comparisons of dissection images, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography. Created after many years of professional and scientific cooperation between the authors and their parent institutions, this important resource will serve researchers, students, and doctors in their professional work.

Key Features

  • Contains over 700 color photos of ideal anatomical preparations and sections of each part of the body that have been prepared, recorded, and processed by the authors
  • Covers existing gaps including developmental and prenatal periods, detailed vascular anatomy, and neuro anatomy
  • Features a comprehensive alphabetical index of structures for ease of use
  • Features a companion website which contains access to all images within the book
About the author
By Branislav Vidic, Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, Lubbox, TX, USA and Milan Milisavljevic, M.D., S.D., D.Sc., , Laboratory for Vascular Anatomy (Head), Institute of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine
Table of Contents

1. Upper Limb and Vascularization2. Lower Limb and Vascularization3. Thorax and Vascularization4. Abdomen and Vascularization5. Pelvis and Perineum with 5–6-Month-Old Fetal Specimens6. Head and Neck Regions and Vascularization7. Cranial Central Nervous System and Spinal Cord8. Vascularization of Head and Neck and the Cranial Central Nervous System

Book details
ISBN: 9780128094105
Page Count: 278
Retail Price : £132.00
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