Finite Element Analysis Applications,
Edition 1 A Systematic and Practical Approach
By Zhuming Bi, Ph.D.

Publication Date: 05 Jan 2018

Finite Element Analysis Applications: A Systematic and Practical Approach strikes a solid balance between more traditional FEA textbooks that focus primarily on theory, and the software specific guidebooks that help teach students and professionals how to use particular FEA software packages without providing the theoretical foundation. In this new textbook, Professor Bi condenses the introduction of theories and focuses mainly on essentials that students need to understand FEA models. The book is organized to be application-oriented, covering FEA modeling theory and skills directly associated with activities involved in design processes.

Discussion of classic FEA elements (such as truss, beam and frame) is limited. Via the use of several case studies, the book provides easy-to-follow guidance on modeling of different design problems. It uses SolidWorks simulation as the platform so that students do not need to waste time creating geometries for FEA modelling.

Key Features

  • Provides a systematic approach to dealing with the complexity of various engineering designs
  • Includes sections on the design of machine elements to illustrate FEA applications
  • Contains practical case studies presented as tutorials to facilitate learning of FEA methods
  • Includes ancillary materials, such as a solutions manual for instructors, PPT lecture slides and downloadable CAD models for examples in SolidWorks
About the author
By Zhuming Bi, Ph.D., Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN, USA
Book details
ISBN: 9780128099520
Page Count: 520
Retail Price : £84.99
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3rd and 4th year students in mechanical, structural, civil, and aerospace engineering. Practicing engineers learning finite element methods

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