Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention,
Edition 3 The 1-2-3's of Treatment Planning
By Sharon L. Johnson

Publication Date: 07 Jul 2017
Therapist’s Guide to Clinical Intervention, Third Edition, is an essential reference for providing clinical services and associated case formulations requiring formalized goals and objectives. It is ideal for use in assessment, treatment, consultation, completing insurance forms, and/or participating in managed care. This practical, hand-on book, outlines treatment goals and objectives for each type of psychopathology as defined by the diagnostic and statistical manual by the American Psychiatric Association. It additionally provides skill-building resources and samples of all major professional forms likely to be used in clinical treatment.The third edition conveniently maps individualized treatment plans utilizing evidence-based best practices and standards of care. Diagnostic information is presented by associated disorder or theme for easier access. New special assessments and skill-building entries are included. Also new are numerous website/URLs associated with research articles, and consumer resources have been provided to complement clinical information and patient education.

Key Features

  • Outlines treatment goals and objectives for DSM-IV diagnoses
  • Presents evidence-based best practices of intervention
  • Provides the basis for assessing special circumstances
  • Offers skill building resources to supplement treatment
  • Contains samples for a wide range of business and clinical forms
  • Supplies websites for additional clinical information and patient education
About the author
By Sharon L. Johnson, Fresno, CA, USA
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Clinical practitioners, whether psychologists, counselors, licensed mental health workers, social workers, and students training to be same
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