Subsea Engineering Handbook,
Edition 2
By Yong Bai and Qiang Bai

Publication Date: 21 Nov 2018

The offshore industry continues to drive the oil and gas market into deeper drilling depths, more advanced subsea systems, and cross into multiple disciplines to further technology and equipment. Engineers and managers have learned that in order to keep up with the evolving market, they must have an all-inclusive solution reference. Subsea Engineering Handbook, Second Edition remains the go-to source for everything related to offshore oil and gas engineering. Enhanced with new information spanning control systems, equipment QRA, electric tree structures, and manifold designs, this reference is still the one product engineers rely on to understand all components of subsea technology. Packed with new chapters on subsea processing and boosting equipment as well as coverage on newer valves and actuators, this handbook explains subsea challenges and discussions in a well-organized manner for both new and veteran engineers to utilize throughout their careers. Subsea Engineering Handbook, Second Edition remains the critical road map to understand all subsea equipment and technology.

Key Features

  • Gain access to the entire spectrum of subsea engineering, including the very latest on equipment, safety, and flow assurance systems
  • Sharpen your knowledge with new content coverage on subsea valves and actuators, multiphase flow loop design, tree and manifold design as well as subsea control
  • Practice and learn with new real-world test examples and case studies
About the author
By Yong Bai, President, Offshore Pipelines and Risers (OPR) Inc., Houston, TX, USA and Qiang Bai, Offshore Pipelines and Risers (OPR) Inc.
Book details
ISBN: 9780128126226
Page Count: 968
Retail Price : £165.00
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    Subsea engineers, offshore engineers, offshore managers, graduate-level petroleum engineering students