Personalized Psychiatry,
Edition 1
Edited by Bernhard Baune

Publication Date: 15 Oct 2019

Personalized Psychiatry presents the first book to explore this novel field of biological psychiatry that covers both basic science research and its translational applications. The book conceptualizes personalized psychiatry and provides state-of-the-art knowledge on biological and neuroscience methodologies, all while integrating clinical phenomenology relevant to personalized psychiatry and discussing important principles and potential models. It is essential reading for advanced students and neuroscience and psychiatry researchers who are investigating the prevention and treatment of mental disorders.

Key Features

  • Combines neurobiology with basic science methodologies in genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics
  • Demonstrates how the statistical modeling of interacting biological and clinical information could transform the future of psychiatry
  • Addresses fundamental questions and requirements for personalized psychiatry from a basic research and translational perspective
About the author
Edited by Bernhard Baune, 1. Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Münster, Münster, Germany 2. Department of Psychiatry, Melbourne Medical School, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC, Australia 3. The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, The University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC, Australia
Book details
ISBN: 9780128131763
Page Count: 604
Retail Price : £97.99
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Advanced students and researchers in neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, medicine, and pharmacology