The Mammalian Spinal Cord,
Edition 1
By Charles Watson, Gulgun Sengul and George Paxinos

Publication Date: 04 Apr 2022

The Mammalian Spinal Cord provides a comprehensive account of the anatomy and histology of the spinal cord. The text covers the cytoarchitecture, chemoarchitecture, motor neuron distribution, long tracts, autonomic outflow, and gene expression in the spinal cord. A feature of the book is the inclusion of segment-by-segment atlases of the spinal cords of rat, mouse, newborn mouse, marmoset, rhesus monkey, and human. This book is an essential reference for researchers studying the spinal cord.

Key Features

  • Includes full-color photographic images of Nissl-stained sections from every spinal cord segment in each of two rodent and three primate species, over 160 Nissl plates
  • Contains comprehensively labeled diagrams to accompany each Nissl-stained section, over 160 diagrams
  • Provides more than 500 photographic images of sections stained for AChE, ChAT, parvalbumin, NADPH- diaphorase, calretinin, or other markers to supplement the Nissl-stained images
About the author
By Charles Watson, John Curtin Distinguished Professor of Health Science, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia and Neuroscience Research Australia, NSW Sydney, Australia; Gulgun Sengul, Professor of Anatomy, Ege University School of Medicine, Turkey and George Paxinos, Neuroscience Research Australia and The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Table of Contents

1. Organization of the spinal cord
Charles Watson and Gulgun Sengul
2. Development of the spinal cord
Ken Ashwell
3. Vertebral column and spinal meninges
Gulgun Sengul
4. Spinal nerves
Gulgun Sengul
5. Primary afferent projections to the spinal cord
Gulgun Sengul
6. Cytoarchitecture of the spinal cord
Gulgun Sengul
7. Motor neurons of the spinal cord
Stephen McHanwell, Charles Watson,  and Amer Mitchelle
8. The preganglionic motor column
Phil Jobling
9. Projections from the spinal cord to the brain
Gulgun Sengul
10. Projections from the brain to the spinal cord
Charles Watson and Huazheng Liang
11. Pattern generation in the spinal cord
Sharn Perry and Matthew Kirkcaldie
12. Spinal cord transmitter substances
Gulgun Sengul
13. Gene expression in the neonate and adult mouse spinal cord
Gulgun Sengul and Ralph Puchalski
14. Spinal cord imaging
Huazheng Liang - Gulgun Sengul
15. The lamprey spinal cord – Primordial vertebrate organization
Brita Robertson, Gulgun Sengul, Peter Wallén, and Sten Grillner
16. Atlas of the rat spinal cord
Charles Watson, Gulgun Sengul, and George Paxinos
17. Atlas of the mouse spinal cord
Charles Watson, Gulgun Sengul, and George Paxinos
18. Atlas of the newborn mouse spinal cord
Gulgun Sengul, Charles Watson, and Ralph Puchalski
19. Atlas of the marmoset spinal cord
Charles Watson, Gulgun Sengul, Ikuko Tanaka, and George Paxinos
20. Atlas of the rhesus monkey spinal cord
Charles Watson, Gulgun Sengul, Ikuko Tanaka, and George Paxinos
21. Atlas of the human spinal cord
Gulgun Sengul

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ISBN: 9780128141465
Page Count: 674
Retail Price : £157.00

9780123969736; 9780123910578; 9780123919496

Researchers and graduate students in neuroscience, neuroanatomy, and neurophysiology; clinical neurologists, neuroradiologists