Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis,
Edition 4 Volume 2: Radioanalytical Applications
Edited by Michael F. L'Annunziata

Publication Date: 06 Mar 2020
Handbook of Radioactivity Analysis: Radiation Physics and Detectors, Volume One, and Radioanalytical Applications, Volume Two, Fourth Edition, constitute an authoritative reference on the principles, practical techniques and procedures for the accurate measurement of radioactivity - everything from the very low levels encountered in the environment, to higher levels measured in radioisotope research, clinical laboratories, biological sciences, radionuclide standardization, nuclear medicine, nuclear power, and fuel cycle facilities, and in the implementation of nuclear forensic analysis and nuclear safeguards. It includes sample preparation techniques for all types of matrices found in the environment, including soil, water, air, plant matter and animal tissue, and surface swipes.

Users will find the latest advances in the applications of radioactivity analysis across various fields, including environmental monitoring, radiochemical standardization, high-resolution beta imaging, automated radiochemical separation, nuclear forensics, and more.

Key Features

  • Spans two volumes, Radiation Physics and Detectors and Radioanalytical Applications
  • Includes a new chapter on the analysis of environmental radionuclides
  • Provides the latest advances in the applications of liquid and solid scintillation analysis, alpha- and gamma spectrometry, mass spectrometric analysis, Cherenkov counting, flow-cell radionuclide analysis, radionuclide standardization, aerosol analysis, high-resolution beta imaging techniques, analytical techniques in nuclear forensics, and nuclear safeguards
  • Describes the timesaving techniques of computer-controlled automatic separation and activity analysis of radionuclides
  • Provides an extensive table of the radiation characteristics of most radionuclides of interest for the radioanalytical chemist
About the author
Edited by Michael F. L'Annunziata, Former Head, IAEA Fellowships and Training, Vienna, Austria; Current office: Oceanside, CA, USA
Table of Contents
1. Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring
2. Environmental Liquid Scintillation Analysis
3. Analysis of Environmental Radionuclides
4. Radioactive Aerosol Analysis
5. Marine Radioactivity Analysis
6. Cherenkov Counting
7. Radionuclide Standardization
8. Radioactivity Counting Statistics
9. High-Resolution Beta Imaging
10. Flow-Cell Radionuclide Analysis
11. Automated Radiochemical Separation, Analysis and Sensing
12. Analytical Techniques in Nuclear Safeguards
13. Nuclear Forensics
Appendix A: Table of Radioactive Isotopes
Appendix B. Particle Range-Energy Correlations
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ISBN: 9780128143957
Page Count: 1074
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Students and laboratory researchers in the fields of nuclear chemistry, nuclear physics, radioecology, nuclear power, nuclear safeguards and forensics, synchrotron radiation, radiation protection, nuclear medicine