Digital Control Engineering,
Edition 3 Analysis and Design
By M. Sami Fadali and Antonio Visioli

Publication Date: 30 Nov 2019

Digital controllers are part of nearly all modern personal, industrial, and transportation systems. Every senior or graduate student of electrical, chemical, or mechanical engineering should therefore be familiar with the basic theory of digital controllers. This new text covers the fundamental principles and applications of digital control engineering, with emphasis on engineering design.
Fadali and Visioli cover analysis and design of digitally controlled systems and describe applications of digital control in a wide range of fields. With worked examples and Matlab applications in every chapter and many end-of-chapter assignments, this text provides both theory and practice for those coming to digital control engineering for the first time, whether as a student or practicing engineer.

Key Features

  • This new edition covers new topics such as Model Predictive Control and Linear Matrix Inequalities.
  • To engage students, it has more illustrations and simple examples; the mathematical notation is reduced
    where possible, and it also includes intermediate mathematical steps in derivations.
  • Companion website features resources for instructors, including Powerpoint slides and solutions.
  • Extensive use of CAD Packages: Matlab and Simulink sections at the end of each chapter show how to
    implement concepts from the chapter.
  • Contains review material to aid understanding of digital control analysis and design.
  • Includes some advanced material to make it suitable for an introductory graduate level class or for two
    quarters at the senior/graduate level.
  • The mathematics background required for understanding most of the book is based on what can be
    reasonably expected from the average electrical, chemical, or mechanical engineering senior.
About the author
By M. Sami Fadali, Professor and Chair of Department of Electrical & Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno, NV, USA. and Antonio Visioli, Full Professor in Control Systems, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy
Book details
ISBN: 9780128144336
Page Count: 700
Retail Price : £97.99
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