Theories of Adolescent Development,
Edition 1
By Barbara M. Newman and Philip R. Newman

Publication Date: 05 May 2020

Adolescence is both universal and culturally constructed, resulting in diverse views about its defining characteristics. Theories of Adolescent Development brings together many theories surrounding this life stage in one comprehensive reference. It begins with an introduction to the nature of theory in the field of adolescence including an analysis of why there are so many theories in this field. The theory chapters are grouped into three sections: biological systems, psychological systems, and societal systems. Each chapter considers a family of theories including scope, assumptions, key concepts, contributions to the study of adolescence, approaches to measurement, applications, and a discussion of strengths and limitations of this family. A concluding chapter offers an integrative analysis, identifying five assumptions drawn from the theories that are essential guides for future research and application. Three questions provide a focus for comparison and contrast: How do the theories characterize the time and timing of adolescence? What do the theories emphasize as domains that are unfolding in movement toward maturity? Building on the perspective of Positive Youth Development, how do the theories differ in their views of developmental resources and conditions that may undermine development in adolescence?

Key Features

  • Includes biological, psychological and sociological theories
  • Identifies historical roots, assumptions, key concepts, applications, measurement, strengths, and limitations of each theory
  • Compares and contrasts theories
  • Concludes with an integrated perspective across theories
About the author
By Barbara M. Newman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, University of Rhode Island, USA and Philip R. Newman, Social Psychologist and Author
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Page Count: 444
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Students and researchers in developmental science, including developmental psychology and human development, social work, counselling, and adolescent health