Air and Gas Drilling Manual,
Edition 4 Applications for Oil, Gas, Geothermal Fluid Recovery Wells, Specialized Construction Boreholes, and the History and Advent of the Directional DTH
By William C. Lyons, James H. Stanley, Francisco J. Sinisterra and Tom Weller

Publication Date: 18 Sep 2020

Air and Gas Drilling Manual, Fourth Edition: Applications for Oil, Gas and Geothermal Fluid Recovery Wells, and Specialized Construction Boreholes, and the History and Advent of the Directional DTH delivers the fundamentals and current methods needed for engineers and managers engaged in drilling operations. Packed with updates, this reference discusses the engineering modelling and planning aspects of underbalanced drilling, the impacts of technological advances in high angle and horizontal drilling, and the importance of new production from shale. in addition, an in-depth discussion is included on well control model planning considerations for completions, along with detailed calculation examples using Mathcad.

This book will update the petroleum and drilling engineer with a much-needed reference to stay on top of drilling methods and new applications in today’s operations.

Key Features

  • Provides key drilling concepts and applications, including unconventional activity and directional well by gas drilling
  • Updated with new information and data on managed pressure drilling, foam drilling, and aerated fluid drilling
  • Includes practical appendices with Mathcad equation solutions
About the author
By William C. Lyons, Chevron's Clear Leader Center, Houston, TX, USA; James H. Stanley, Drilling Engineer, Chevron, Houston, TX, USA; Francisco J. Sinisterra, Operations Regional Manager, QES Energy Services, Midland, TX, USA and Tom Weller, Independent Consultant, Texas, USA
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ISBN: 9780128157923
Page Count: 560
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Drilling engineers, petroleum engineers, completion engineers, graduate level petroleum engineering students