Loomis's Essentials of Toxicology,
Edition 5
By A. Wallace Hayes, Tao Wang, Darlene Dixon and Ted A. Loomis

Publication Date: 25 Oct 2019

Loomis's Essentials of Toxicology, Fifth Edition, provides the information on the harmful biologic effects associated with exposures to chemicals of all types. The scope of this book includes a discussion of the major types of chemicals involved, their general properties and detrimental biologic effects, the methods used to demonstrate these effects, the basis for clinical diagnosis, and therapy for the harmful effects of chemicals on humans. Individual examples are used to demonstrate the principle discussed. This reference volume will be an invaluable resource for both toxicologists and graduate and advanced undergraduate students in toxicology and public health.

Key Features

  • Provides a revised and updated edition of one of the "gold" works in the field
  • Includes both principles and methods
  • Requires minimal background in chemistry and biology
  • Expanded Information Sources in Toxicology
About the author
By A. Wallace Hayes, Adjunct Professor, Institute for Integrative Toxicology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI; Adjunct Professor, University of South Florida, College of Public Health, Tampa, FL; Tao Wang, M.D., PhD., D.A.B.T. - Executive Director, Translational & Development Sciences, Coherus BioSciences, Inc.; Darlene Dixon, DVM, PhD - NIEHS/NTP, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA and Ted A. Loomis, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, U.S.A.
Book details
ISBN: 9780128159217
Page Count: 272
Retail Price : £78.99
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Toxicologists and graduate students in toxicology, pharmacology and public health