The Social Validity Manual,
Edition 2 Subjective Evaluation of Interventions
By Stacy L. Carter and John J. Wheeler

Publication Date: 08 Jun 2019
Social Validity is a concept used in behavioral intervention research. It focuses on whether the goals of treatment, the intervention techniques used, and the outcomes achieved are acceptable, relevant, and useful to the individual in treatment. The Social Validity Manual, Second Edition, provides background on the development of social validity, an overview of current research in social validity, and guidelines for expanding the practice of social validation. The book offers detailed information on scales and methods for measuring social validity across the goals, procedures, and effects of treatments utilized in various fields. The second edition incorporates advances in research findings and offers two new chapters on the use of social validity in the health sciences and how social validity plays an important role in increasing cultural awareness.

Key Features

  • Defines and conceptualizes social validity
  • Summarizes research advances in social validity
  • Compares and contrasts social validity measures
  • Includes use of social validity in multiple disciplines
  • Reviews how to organize social validity data
  • Provides new coverage of use in health professions
About the author
By Stacy L. Carter, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership, College of Education, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA and John J. Wheeler, Professor, College of Education, East Tennessee State University, USA
Table of Contents

1. Background of Social Validity2. Conceptualizations of Social Validity3. Instruments and Methods for Evaluating Social Validity4. Research on Social Validity5. Increasing the Social Significance of Treatment Goals6. Enhancing the Appropriateness of Treatment Procedures7. Improving the Importance of Treatment Effects8. Social Validity and Ethics9. Social Validity and Cultural Competence10. Social Validity in Health Sciences11. Organization of Social Validity Data12. The Future of Social Validity

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