Getting It Right,
Edition 2 R&D Methods for Science and Engineering
By Peter Bock

Publication Date: 26 Mar 2020

Getting it Right: R&D Methods for Science and Engineering, Second Edition, is an authoritative guide to the methodologies that produce coherent and complete R&D projects. Based on the author’s experience in large industrial firms, this book addresses the avoidance of common pitfalls that engineers and scientists routinely face in industry and academia. Special emphasis is placed on the comprehensive analysis of project problems, requirements, objectives, the use of standard and consistent terminology and procedures, the design of rigorous and reproducible experiments, the appropriate reduction and interpretation of project results, and the effective communication of project design, methods, results, and conclusions, embedded in a clear and modern framework of the Scientific Method.

This fully updated new edition also includes an extended case study from industry, additional material about the evolution of knowledge and science and technology and a special focus on the discovery and nurture of technical innovation, both of which reinforce the importance of adherence to the described methodology in both academic and industrial venues. Professional engineers and researchers will find a highly consistent and practical reference for the rigorous conduct and clear communication of complex R&D projects. Students will also find a palatable introduction to the critical concepts of knowing, doing, and Getting it Right.

Key Features

  • Presents a standard methodology for conducting rigorous and complete R&D projects
  • Includes a detailed case study from an experienced R&D research scientist and engineer
  • Provides a consistent framework for knowledge organization and the Scientific Method
About the author
By Peter Bock, Professor Emeritus of Engineering, Department of Computer Science, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA
Book details
ISBN: 9780128161654
Page Count: 466
Retail Price : £85.99
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  • Audience

    Scientists, engineers, and project managers involved in R&D projects in industry. MSc students and early career researchers in engineering disciplines including mechanical, manufacturing, aerospace, and electronic engineering