Climate Change Adaptation for Transportation Systems,
Edition 1
By Michael A.P. Taylor

Publication Date: 26 Sep 2020

Climate Change Adaptation for Transportation Systems examines the international state of knowledge on climate change and weather and their potential impacts on the planning, design and serviceability of transportation networks. The book describes alternative frameworks for adapting to climate change in the planning, provision and management of transportation systems. It discusses methods and models for including climate and weather factors in planning and design for use in transportation asset systems under risk and uncertainty. Giving specific attention to road, rail, ports and harbors, the book provides users with the tools they need in decision-making approaches where there is uncertainty.

Key Features

  • Examines the impact of climate change and extreme weather on the performance and serviceability of transportation assets
  • Explores the issues, methods, frameworks, models and techniques for assessing transportation systems' performance, including considerations for climate and the environment
  • Provides case studies from around the world to illustrate methods, covering a wide range of climatic conditions, considerations and approaches for transportation planners
About the author
By Michael A.P. Taylor, Transport Planning at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Climate Change Basics
  3. Transportation Infrastructure
  4. Adaptation Planning
  5. Managing Transportation Infrastructure and Assets
  6. Coastal Issues, including Ports and Harbours
  7. Road Transportation Systems
  8. Rail Transportation Systems
  9. Active Transport and Urban Design
  10. Future Directions in Research and Practice
Book details
ISBN: 9780128166383
Page Count: 344
Retail Price : £118.00
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Transportation Systems, Design, Planning, Engineering, Economics, and Asset Management researchers, graduate students, and practitioners