Solid-Phase Extraction,
Edition 1
Edited by Colin F. Poole

Publication Date: 12 Sep 2019

Solid Phase Extraction thoroughly presents both new and historic techniques for dealing with solid phase extraction. It provides all information laboratory scientists need for choosing and utilizing suitable sample preparation procedures for any kind of sample. In addition, the book showcases the contemporary uses of sample preparation techniques in the most important industrial and academic project environments, including solid-phase Microextraction, molecularly imprinted polymers, magnetic nanoparticles, and more. Written by recognized experts in their respective fields, this one-stop reference is ideal for those who need to know which technique to choose for solid phase extraction.

Used in conjunction with a similar release, Liquid Phase Extraction, this book allows users to master this crucial aspect of sample preparation.

Key Features

  • Defines the current state-of-the-art in extraction techniques and the methods and procedures for implementing them in laboratory practice
  • Includes extensive referencing that facilitates the identification of key information
  • Aimed at both entry-level scientists and those who want to explore new techniques and methods
About the author
Edited by Colin F. Poole, Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA
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ISBN: 9780128169063
Page Count: 740
Retail Price : £153.00
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Academics and industrial chemists practicing instrumental analysis; students in advanced analytical chemistry courses; professional scientists entering or working in analytical chemistry and those scientific disciplines employing instrumental analysis to acquire sample information