Mechanics of Offshore Pipelines, Volume 2,
Edition 1 Buckle Propagation and Arrest
By Stelios Kyriakides and Liang-Hai Lee

Publication Date: 21 Sep 2020

Buckle propagation is a problem unique to offshore pipelines, in which the local collapse of a locally weakened section of the pipe initiates a collapse that propagates at high speed catastrophically flattening the line by kilometers. The lowest pressure that can sustain the propagation of the collapse, the propagation pressure, is only a small fraction of the collapse pressure of the intact pipe. The large difference between these two pressures requires that pipelines be designed on the collapse pressure, and the extent of the potential catastrophic damage suffered is limited by the periodic introduction of buckle arrestors to the line.

Volume 2 of the book series Mechanics of Offshore Pipelines addresses the major aspects of buckle propagation including its initiation, establishment of the propagation pressure, and the dynamics of buckle propagation. Buckle propagation under tension, in pipe-in-pipe pipeline systems, and confined buckle propagation in tubulars such as grouted casing are examined in dedicated chapters. Three chapters deal with the performance of the most commonly used buckle arrestors under both quasi-static and dynamic buckle propagation. Each of these problems is studied through experiments, analyses, and large-scale numerical simulations. The results are used to provide empirical design equations and design guidelines on how to mitigate the effects of buckle propagation.

Key Features

  • Buckle propagation and arrest approached from both fundamental and applied points of view
  • Provides data, empirical design formulae, and design guidelines
  • Teaches how to analyze buckle propagation and mitigate its effects through experiment and modeling
  • Based on the 40-year research and practice of the most eminent researcher in the subject
About the author
By Stelios Kyriakides, John Webb Jennings Chair in Engineering, Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, The University of Texas at Austin, USA and Liang-Hai Lee, Principal Specialist, Genesis/Technip, USA
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Pipeline engineers; offshore engineers; petroleum engineers; pipeline designers; mechanical engineers; graduate-level petroleum engineers; graduate-level mechanical engineers; practicing engineers in pipeline maintenance and inspection