Introduction to Homeland Security,
Edition 6 Principles of All-Hazards Risk Management
By Jane A. Bullock, George D. Haddow and Damon P. Coppola

Publication Date: 06 Nov 2020
Written by renowned experts, Introduction to Homeland Security, Sixth Edition, informs users about the concepts and bedrock principles of homeland security. Readers will gain a solid appreciation of the broad range of topics that fall within the expanse of the homeland security umbrella and understand how and why they are so closely interconnected. The text will also provide an overview of the evolutionary process behind modern homeland security structures, which helps users to understand why certain functions exist and how they contribute to national and local security efforts. Unlike most books that focus solely on terrorism, this text covers an expansive range of homeland security topics including all-hazards emergency management, cybersecurity, border and transportation security, immigration and customs enforcement, and others.

Key Features

  • Updated material to cover new developments in the field such as increased terror attacks, cybersecurity safeguards, and administrative changes
  • Balanced account of homeland security in all of its aspects
  • Authoritative voices from content experts
  • Critical thinking exercises included for each topic
About the author
By Jane A. Bullock, Founding partner, Bullock and Haddow LLC; Former Chief of Staff to the Director of FEMA; George D. Haddow, Founding partner, Bullock and Haddow LLC; Adjunct Professor, Homeland Security Studies, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA and Damon P. Coppola, Partner, Bullock and Haddow LLC, Singapore
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ISBN: 9780128171370
Page Count: 880
Retail Price : £82.99
9780128030646; 9780128014776; 9780124078680
Instructor Resources
Students in undergraduate, certificate, graduate, and doctoral programs focusing on a range of homeland security concentrations inclusive of emergency management, counterterrorism studies, transportation security, border security and immigration, cybersecurity, community resilience, and others
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