Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry in Life Sciences,
Edition 1 Principles and Applications
Edited by Kei Zaitsu

Publication Date: 07 Nov 2019

Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry in Life Sciences: Principles and Applications is a systematic introduction to this rapidly expanding area of study. Underlying principles of each technique are explained in detail, along with discussions on their applications across life science disciplines. Ambient ionization has recently emerged as one of the hottest and fastest growing topics in mass spectrometry, hence this book is not just for analysts and researchers who use and study mass spectrometry. This volume would be of interest to anyone who works in or studies analytical chemistry, omics sciences (including metabolomics), pharmacokinetics, forensic science or drug analysis.

Key Features

  • Covers the most up-to-date techniques, including DART, DCBI, DESI, PESI, PSI, REIMS and laser-based ambient ionization
  • Includes easy-to-understand pros and cons of each ionization technique to aid in decision-making
  • Provides plentiful examples of life science applications
About the author
Edited by Kei Zaitsu, In Vivo Real-time Omics Laboratory, Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University, Japan
Book details
ISBN: 9780128172209
Page Count: 292
Retail Price : £137.00
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Professional analysts and researchers using or studying mass spectrometry, analytical chemistry, omics sciences (including metabolomics), pharmacokinetics, forensic science and drug analysis. Undergraduate/graduate students in chemistry, pharmacy, and engineering courses, postdoctoral fellows and teaching staff in life science departments of academic fields, researchers in pharmacokinetics departments of pharmaceutical companies, forensic toxicologists in forensic medicine departments of academic fields and forensics labs