Vibrational Spectroscopy Applications in Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences,
Edition 1
By Andrei A. Bunaciu, Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein and Vu Dang Hoang

Publication Date: 24 Jul 2020

Vibrational Spectroscopy Applications in Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences synthesizes the latest research on the applications of vibrational spectroscopy in biomedical, pharmaceutical and food analysis. Suitable for graduate-level students as well as experienced researchers in academia and industry, this book is organized into five distinct sections. The first deals with the fundamentals of vibrational spectroscopy, with the second presenting the most important sampling methodology used for infrared and Raman spectroscopy in various fields of interest. Since spectroscopy is the study of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter, this section deals with the characteristics, properties and absorption of electromagnetic radiation.

Final sections describe the analytical studies performed all over the world in biomedical, pharmaceutical and in the food sciences.

Key Features

  • Presents a critical discussion of many of the applications of vibrational spectroscopy
  • Covers details of the analytical methodologies used in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications
  • Discusses the latest developments in pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis of both small and large molecules
About the author
By Andrei A. Bunaciu, Senior Researcher AAB-IR Research Laboratory, Bucharest, Romania; Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein, Professor Emeritus, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry Department, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt and Vu Dang Hoang, Associate Professor, Department of Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology, Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Hanoi, Vietnam
Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Part 1. THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY2. Molecular vibration3. Infrared absorption4. Raman scattering5. Surface-enhanced effect

Part 2. INSTRUMENTATION AND SAMPLING METHODS IN VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY ANALYSIS6. Sampling in Infrared spectroscopy7. Sampling in Raman Spectroscopy

Part 3. BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS APPLICATIONS8. Body fluids analysis9. Tissues analysis10. Biomedical analysis11. Clinical diagnosis

Part 4. PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS APPLICATIONS12. Drugs13. Polymorphic substances analysis

Part 5. FOOD ANALYSIS14. Fruit and vegetable analysis15. Solid and semisolid dairy product analysis16. Alcohol beverages analysis17. Conclusions

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Page Count: 268
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Primary: Researchers and scientists in analytical chemistry, quality control and assurance, and clinical chemistry involved the application of vibrational spectroscopy in pharmaceutical or biomedical analysis, clinical research and development, bioinorganic chemistry, forensic science, and food science. Secondary: Graduate students, and faculty members, and scholars studying vibrational spectroscopy in physics and chemistry