Visually Memorable Neuroanatomy for Beginners,
Edition 1
By Min Suk Chung and Beom Sun Chung

Publication Date: 04 Jul 2020

Visually Memorable Neuroanatomy for Beginners takes a close look at the anatomy of the human brain and teaches readers to identify and examine its structures in a relatable way. Unlike large textbooks that deliver a superficial overview of the subject, this book explores the anatomy and physiology of the brain using mnemonic techniques and informative comic figures that present brain regions at an introductory level, allowing readers to easily identify different parts of the brain. This volume is appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers in the medicine, health sciences, and biological sciences.

Beginning with the morphology of the brain and spinal cord, this book then explores the somatic nerve and autonomic nerve, the cranial nerve and spinal nerve, the function of the brain, and concludes with the development of the nervous system.

Key Features

  • Features simplified illustrations for understanding the complicated neuroanatomy structures
  • Introduces memorizing tips (mnemonics) to help students learn
  • Describes how best to identify structures in cadaver specimens
  • Includes comic-style figures to make neuroanatomy approachable for newcomers
About the author
By Min Suk Chung, Ajou University School of Medicine, South Korea and Beom Sun Chung, Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, South Korea
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ISBN: 9780128199015
Page Count: 198
Retail Price : £62.99

9780128174241; 9780323396325; 9780128112755; 9780128005118


Undergraduate and graduate students in medicine, health sciences, and biological sciences, neuroscientists, clinicians, post-doctoral fellows, and researchers