Discrete Mathematics,
Edition 1 Essentials and Applications
By Ali Grami

Publication Date: 25 Jul 2022
Discrete Mathematics: Essentials and Applications offers a comprehensive survey of the area, particularly concentrating on the basic principles and applications of Discrete Mathematics. This up-to-date text provides proofs of significance, keeping the focus on numerous relevant examples and many pertinent applications. Written in a simple and clear tone, the title features insightful descriptions and intuitive explanations of all complex concepts and ensures a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Key Features

  • Offers easy-to-understand coverage of the subject matter with a class-tested pedagogical approach
  • Covers all topics in Discrete Math in a comprehensive yet not overwhelming way
  • Includes numerous meaningful examples on all topics to bring insight, and relevant applications for all major topics
About the author
By Ali Grami, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Table of Contents

Part I: Logic
1. Propositional Logic
2. Predicate Logic

Part II: Set Theory and Related Topics
3. Sets
4. Matrices
5. Relations
6. Functions
7. Boolean Algebra

Part III: Proof Methods
8. Sequences
9. Recursion
10. Induction
11. General Proof Methods

Part IV: Number Theory and Applications
12. Elementary Number Theory
13. Cryptography

Part V: Probability
14. Counting Methods
15. Discrete Probability
16. Discrete Random Variables

Part VI: Graph Theory
17. Graphs
18. Trees
19. Network Models

Part VII: Algorithms and Finite State Machines
20. Algorithms

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ISBN: 9780128206560
Page Count: 464
Illustrations : Approx. 100 illustrations
Retail Price : £62.99
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