Atmospheric Satellite Observations,
Edition 1 Variation Assimilation and Quality Assurance
By Xiaolei Zou

Publication Date: 09 Mar 2020

Atmospheric Satellite Observations: Variation Assimilation and Quality Assurance provides an invaluable reference for satellite data assimilation. Topics covered include linear algebra, frequently used statistical methods, the interpolation role of function fitting, filtering when dealing with real observations, minimization in data assimilation systems, 3D-Var and the inverse problem it solves, 4D-Var and adjoint techniques, and much more. The book concludes with satellite observation of hurricanes.

Key Features

  • Contains mathematical concepts from several branches of study, including calculus, linear algebra, probability theory, functional analysis, and minimization
  • Illustrates quality assurance for satellite observations using real data examples
  • Includes a dedicated chapter on how different satellite instruments see hurricanes
  • Reviews theory, system development, and the numerical experiments of three- and four-dimensional variational data assimilation (3D-Var/4D-Var)
About the author
By Xiaolei Zou, Nanjing University of Information and Science and Technology (NUIST), China
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ISBN: 9780128209509
Page Count: 324
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Students, Post-Docs and Researchers in the departments of meteorology or atmospheric science; Scientists working in operational weather forecast centers, research institutes involving atmospheric science