Microscope Image Processing,
Edition 2
Edited by Fatima Merchant and Kenneth Castleman

Publication Date: 30 Aug 2022
Microscope Image Processing, Second Edition, introduces the basic fundamentals of image formation in microscopy including the importance of image digitization and display, which are key to quality visualization. Image processing and analysis are discussed in detail to provide readers with the tools necessary to improve the visual quality of images, and to extract quantitative information. Basic techniques such as image enhancement, filtering, segmentation, object measurement, and pattern recognition cover concepts integral to image processing. In addition, chapters on specific modern microscopy techniques such as fluorescence imaging, multispectral imaging, three-dimensional imaging and time-lapse imaging, introduce these key areas with emphasis on the differences among the various techniques.

The new edition discusses recent developments in microscopy such as light sheet microscopy, digital microscopy, whole slide imaging, and the use of deep learning techniques for image segmentation and analysis with big data image informatics and management.

Microscope Image Processing, Second Edition, is suitable for engineers, scientists, clinicians, post-graduate fellows and graduate students working in bioengineering, biomedical engineering, biology, medicine, chemistry, pharmacology and related fields, who use microscopes in their work and would like to understand the methodologies and capabilities of the latest digital image processing techniques or desire to develop their own image processing algorithms and software for specific applications.

Key Features

  • Presents a unique practical perspective of state-of-the-art microscope image processing and the development of specialized algorithms
  • Each chapter includes in-depth analysis of methods coupled with the results of specific real-world experiments
  • Co-edited by Kenneth R. Castleman, world-renowned pioneer in digital image processing and author of two seminal textbooks on the subject
About the author
Edited by Fatima Merchant, Associate Professor, Computer Engineering Technology and Computational Health Informatics, Houston, TX, USA and Kenneth Castleman, President, Advanced Digital Imaging Research (ADIR), TX, USA
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Fundamentals of Microscopy
3. Image Digitization and Display
4. Geometric Transformations
5. Image Enhancement
6. Morphological Image Processing
7. Image Segmentation
8. Object Measurement
9. Object Classification
10. Fluorescence Imaging
11. Multispectral Imaging
12. Three-Dimensional Imaging
13. Time-Lapse Imaging
14. Digital Microscopy
15. Super Resolution Microscopy
16. Image Informatics
17. Deep Learning in Microscope Image Analysis
18. Open Microscopy Platforms and Tool
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ISBN: 9780128210499
Page Count: 526
Illustrations : 125 illustrations (25 in full color)
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Engineers, scientists, post-graduates and graduate students working in bioengineering, biomedical engineering, biology, medicine, chemistry, pharmacology and related fields