Elements of Petroleum Geology,
Edition 4
By Richard C. Selley and Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Publication Date: 29 Aug 2022
Elements of Petroleum Geology, Fourth Edition is a useful primer for geophysicists, geologists and petroleum engineers in the oil industry who wish to expand their knowledge beyond their specialized area. It is also an excellent introductory text for a university course in petroleum geoscience. This updated edition includes new case studies on non-conventional exploration, including tight oil and shale gas exploration, as well as coverage of the impacts on petroleum geology on the environment. Sections on shale reservoirs, flow units and containers, IOR and EOR, giant petroleum provinces, halo reservoirs, and resource estimation methods are also expanded.

Key Features

  • Written by a preeminent petroleum geologist and sedimentologist with decades of petroleum exploration in remote corners of the world
  • Covers information pertinent to everyone working in the oil and gas industry, especially geophysicists, geologists and petroleum reservoir engineers
  • Fully revised with updated references and expanded coverage of topics and new case studies
About the author
By Richard C. Selley, Professor Emeritus, Imperial College London, UK and Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Professor and Charles Boettcher Chair in Petroleum Geology, Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. The Physical and Chemical Properties of Petroleum
3. Methods of Exploration
4. The Subsurface Environment
5. Generation and Migration of Petroleum
6. The Reservoir
7. Traps and Seals
8. Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Systems
9. Nonconventional Petroleum Resources
10. Conclusions
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Page Count: 608
Illustrations : 600 illustrations (250 in full color)
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