Foundations of Art Therapy,
Edition 1 Theory and Applications
Edited by Meera Rastogi, Rachel P. Feldwisch, Michelle Pate and Joseph Scarce

Publication Date: 04 Jul 2022

Foundations of Art Therapy: Theory and Applications is an essential and comprehensive introduction to the field of art therapy that blends relevant psychological and neuroscience research, theories, and concepts and infuses cultural diversity throughout each chapter. The text includes full color photos, informative charts, and case examples and is divided into four parts beginning with the basics of art therapy knowledge and concluding with professional practices in art therapy.

The fundamentals of art therapy section includes coverage of art therapy founders, art materials, multicultural perspectives, intersections with neuroscience, and research methods. An overview and in-depth explorations of different theoretical approaches to the practice of art therapy are covered in the second part of the book. A bio-psycho-social approach integrates current research on art therapy with specific populations (children, mental health, older adults, and trauma). The book concludes with art therapy professional practices in group concepts, community-based art therapy, and developing a career in the field. Each chapter contains chapter objectives, practical applications, ethical considerations, reflection questions, experiential exercises, and a list of terms.

The unique, practical, and interdisciplinary approach of this text provides a solid base for understanding the field of art therapy and is well suited for use in undergraduate art therapy courses. This book will appeal to those who want an introduction to the field’s theories, research, and practice and those seeking a comprehensive understanding on the foundations of art therapy.

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Key Features

  • Full color photos, informative charts, and case examples
  • Definitions, key details, and clear explanations of major concepts
  • Evidence-based research and attention to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in each chapter
  • Reader experiential activities and reflection questions to enhance deeper levels of processing
  • Instructor resources that include: chapter outlines, experiential classroom activities and lecture enhancements, multiple choice and short answer questions for each chapter
About the author
Edited by Meera Rastogi, University of Cincinnati, Clermont College, Batavia, Ohio, USA; Rachel P. Feldwisch, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Michelle Pate, Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and Joseph Scarce, The University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida, USA
Table of Contents

Part I: Fundamentals of Art Therapy: Prepping the Canvas
1. History, Profession, and Ethics of Art Therapy
2. Understanding Media: Laying the Groundwork for Art Making
3. Multicultural and Diversity Perspectives in Art Therapy: Transforming Image into Substance
4. Intersections of Neuroscience and Art Therapy
5. Approaches to Research in Art Therapy

Part II: Theoretical Orientations: Gathering the Tools
6. Overview of Theoretical Orientations
7. Psychoanalytic and Jungian Approaches to Art Therapy
8. Humanistic Approaches to Art Therapy: Existentialism, Person-Centered, and Gestalt
9. Using Art to Think and Rethink: Cognitive-behavior Therapy from Behaviorism Through the Third Wave

Part III: Art Therapy with Specific Populations: Painting the Picture
10. Child Development and Artistic Development in Art Therapy
11. Art Therapy for Psychological Disorders and Mental Health
12. Art Therapy and Older Adults
13. Art Therapy with Trauma Recovery and Response

Part IV: Profession of Art Therapy: Exhibiting the Work
14. Beginning Concepts of Group Work
15. Community-based Art Therapy and Community Arts
16. Pathways to Developing a Career in Art Therapy

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Page Count: 620
Illustrations : 65 illustrations (50 in full color)
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