Lockhart and Wiseman’s Crop Husbandry Including Grassland,
Edition 10
Edited by Alison Samuel, Louisa Dines, Steve Finch and Gerry P. Lane

Publication Date: 22 Oct 2022
Lockhart and Wiseman’s Crop Husbandry Including Grassland, Tenth Edition delivers the latest developments in crop varieties, crop protection products and environmental schemes. This new edition reflects the changing world around us, with sections covering the principles of crop production and chapters on plants, climate, soil management, fertilizers, manures, weeds and diseases that threaten farm crops. Other chapters focus on crop husbandry techniques and the integration of sustainability across the board in crop production. This update also includes an additional focus on the principles of plant breeding, seed production and certification considerations necessary for today’s agriculture.

Key Features

  • Features contributions from leading experts that are specifically structured to help students see the whole picture of crop husbandry
  • Presents a fully revised and updated resource that reflect the latest scientific advances and current approaches
  • Includes expanded coverage on World Agricultural Systems
  • Provides a summary of recommended websites and references for expanded knowledge
About the author
Edited by Alison Samuel, Previously Senior Associate Lecturer, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK; Louisa Dines, Senior Lecturer in Agronomy, Harper Adams University – HAU; Senior Lecturer in Agronomy, Harper Adams University – HAU, UK; Steve Finch, Royal Agricultural College, UK and Gerry P. Lane, Fromerly Principal Lecturer, Royal Agricultural College, UK
Table of Contents

1. Plants
2. Climate and weather
3. Soil health and management
4. Fertilisers and manures
5. Weeds
6. Diseases
7. Pests
8. Sustainable Crop Production Techniques
9. Precision crop production
10. Organic Crop Husbandry
11. Principles of plant breeding, seed production and certification
12. World Agricultural Systems
13. Cereals
14. Oilseeds and Pulse crops
15. Root Crops
16. Energy and industrial crops
17. Fresh produce
18. Arable forage crops
19. Introduction to grass production
20. Establishing and improving grassland
21. Grazing management
22. Conservation of grass and forage crops

Book details
ISBN: 9780323857024
Page Count: 694
Retail Price : £95.95

9780128110379; 9780081010990; 9780081012246

This hybrid textbook is a foundational textbook for agricultural students throughout the UK and Europe, as well as a core reference for professional practitioners. Students and practitioners outside the UK and Europe seeking global insights