Human Biochemistry,
Edition 2
By Gerald Litwack

Publication Date: 22 Nov 2021

Human Biochemistry, Second Edition provides a comprehensive, pragmatic introduction to biochemistry as it relates to human development and disease. Here, Gerald Litwack, award-wining researcher and longtime teacher, discusses the biochemical aspects of organ systems and tissue, cells, proteins, enzymes, insulins and sugars, lipids, nucleic acids, amino acids, polypeptides, steroids, and vitamins and nutrition, among other topics. Fully updated to address recent advances, the new edition features fresh discussions on hypothalamic releasing hormones, DNA editing with CRISPR, new functions of cellular prions, plant-based diet and nutrition, and much more.

Grounded in problem-driven learning, this new edition features clinical case studies, applications, chapter summaries, and review-based questions that translate basic biochemistry into clinical practice, thus empowering active clinicians, students and researchers.

Key Features

  • Presents an update on a past edition winner of the 2018 Most Promising New Textbook (College) Award (Texty) from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association and the PROSE Award of the Association of American Publishers
  • Provides a fully updated resource on current research in human and medical biochemistry
  • Includes clinical case studies, applications, chapter summaries and review-based questions
  • Adopts a practice-based approach, reflecting the needs of both researchers and clinically oriented readers
About the author
By Gerald Litwack, Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, CA, USA
Table of Contents
1. Organ Systems and Tissues
2. The Cell
3. Introductory Discussion on Water, pH, Buffers, and General Features of Receptors, Channels, and Pumps
4. Proteins
5. Enzymes
6. Insulin and Sugars
7. Glycogen and Glycogenolysis
8. Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis
9. Lipids
10. Nucleic Acids and Molecular Genetics
11. Protein Biosynthesis
12. Transcription
13. Metabolism of Amino Acids
14. Metabolism of Fat, Carbohydrate, and Nucleic Acids
15. Polypeptide Hormones
16. Steroid Hormones
17. Growth Factors and Cytokines
18. Membrane Transport
19. Micronutrients (Metals and Iodine)
20. Vitamins and Nutrition
21. Blood and Lymphatic System
Appendix 1: Abbreviations of the Common Amino Acids
Appendix 2: The Genetic Code
Appendix 3: Weights and Measures
Appendix 4: Answer Key for Chapter Questions
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ISBN: 9780323857185
Page Count: 882
Illustrations : 400 illustrations (200 in full color)
Retail Price : £135.00
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Active researchers in biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmaceutical science, and cellular biology; medical chemists; Medical students, dentistry students, pharmaceutical students, and graduate students in medical biochemistry