Practical Biostatistics,
Edition 2 A Step-by-Step Approach for Evidence-Based Medicine
By Mendel Suchmacher and Mauro Geller

Publication Date: 09 Jun 2021

Practical Biostatistics: A Step-by-Step Approach for Evidence-Based Medicine, Second Edition presents a complete resource of biostatistical knowledge meant for health sciences students, researchers and health care professionals. The book's content covers the investigator’s hypothesis, collective health, observational studies, the biostatistics of intervention studies, clinical trials and additional concepts. Chapters are written in a didactic way, making them easier to comprehend by readers with little or no background on statistics. Evidence-based medicine aims to apply the best available evidence gained from the scientific method to medical decision-making using statistical analyses of scientific methods and outcomes to drive further experimentation and diagnosis.

With a detailed outline of implementation steps complemented by a review of important topics, this book can be used as a quick reference or hands-on guide on how to effectively incorporate biostatistics in clinical trials and research projects.

Key Features

  • Explains biostatistics in a didactic way for students, researchers and professionals of health sciences with little or no background on mathematics
  • Presents a new section dedicated to epidemiology and public health, broadening content from the previous edition
  • Written by medical doctors with vast experience on biostatistics and teaching who develop the content based on real cases for better applicability by readers
About the author
By Mendel Suchmacher, Professor of Clinical Immunology, Carlos Chagas Institute of Medical Graduation; Professor and Chairman of Microbiology and Immunology, and Research Fellow, Teresopolis University Medical School - UNIFESO; Professor and Coordinator of the Genodermatoses Sector of the Clinical Genetics Service, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Mauro Geller, MD degree, Teresopolis University Medical School PhD, Clinical Medicine, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Post-doc, Immunogenetics, Harvard University
Table of Contents

Part 1: The Investigator's Hypothesis
1. Investigator's Hypothesis and Expression of its Corresponding Outcome

Part 2: Collective Health
2. Disease Frequency Measures
3. Health Indicators
4. Epidemiological Studies
5. Pharmacoeconomics

Part 3: Observational Studies
6. Basic Concepts in Observational Studies
7. Determination of Association Strength Between an Exposure Factor and an Event in Observational Studies
8. Increasing Accuracy in Observational Studies

Part 4: Biostatistics of Intervention Studies - The Clinical Trials
9. The Intervention Studies
10. N Estimation and N Assessment of a Published Trial
11. Organization of Variables and Endpoints
12. Measures for Results Expression of a Clinical Trial
13. Determination of Normality or Non-Normality of Data Distribution
14. Hypothesis Testing
15. Correlating Sample Data with the General Population - 95% Confidence Interval Summarizing the Steps

Part 5: Additional Concepts in Biostatistics
16. Individual and Collective Benefit and Risk Indexes Inferable from Intervention Studies
17. Statistical Assessment of Diagnostic Tests for the Clinic
18. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
19. Correlation and Regression
20. Per Protocol Analysis and Intention-to-Treat Analysis

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Page Count: 206
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Biostaticians; graduate students and researchers from medical and biomedical fields