Advances in Synthesis Gas: Methods, Technologies and Applications,
Edition 1 Syngas Purification and Separation
Edited by Mohammad Reza Rahimpour, Mohammad Amin Makarem and Maryam Meshksar

Publication Date: 26 Oct 2022
Advances in Synthesis Gas: Methods, Technologies and Applications: Syngas Purification and Separation considers different common and novel processes for the purification of produced syngas, such as absorption, adsorption, membrane, cryogenic distillation and particulate separation technologies in addition to thermal and oxidative processes for tar removal. The role of various catalysts or materials in absorption, adsorption and membrane processes are discussed in separate chapters to address each in more detail.

Key Features

  • Introduces various adsorption and absorption techniques for purifying syngas
  • Describes syngas purification by various membranes
  • Discusses novel technologies for syngas purification
About the author
Edited by Mohammad Reza Rahimpour, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran; Mohammad Amin Makarem, Research Associate, Methanol Institute, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran and Maryam Meshksar, Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran
Table of Contents

Section I: Absorption Techniques for Syngas Purification
1. Characteristics of syngas impurities; physical and chemical properties
2. Syngas purification by common solvents
3. Syngas purification by ionic liquids and DESs
4. Syngas purification by modified solvents with nanoparticles

Section II: Adsorption Techniques for Syngas Purification
5. Swing technologies for syngas purification
6. Metal-oxide sorbents for syngas purification
7. Zeolites and molecular frameworks for adsorption-based syngas purification
8. Activated carbon for syngas purification

Section III: Membrane Techniques for Syngas Purification
9. Ionic liquid membranes for syngas purification
10. Polymeric membranes for syngas purification
11. MOF mixed matrix membranes for syngas purification
12. Dense metal membranes for syngas purification
13. Molecular sieving membranes for syngas purification

Section IV: Other Technologies for Syngas Purification
14. Particulates separation technologies for syngas purification
15. Plasma technology for syngas purification
16. Thermal and oxidation processes for tar removal from syngas

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