Clinician’s Guide to Sexuality and Autism,
Edition 1 A Guide to Sex Education for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
By Jessica Cauchi, Peter Gerhardt, Justin B Leaf and Mary Jane Weiss

Publication Date: 23 Oct 2023

Clinician’s Guide to Sexuality and Autism: A Guide to Sex Education for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders is the first book to provide clinicians with comprehensive curriculum of sexuality education skills for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Starting with the importance of teaching sexuality skills to people with autism, this book provides an outline and overview of the recommended teaching strategies (e.g., Behavioral Skills Training, Cool vs. Not Cool, video modeling). This book also reviews the fourteen skill domains directly related to sexuality, including the key skills one should acquire in each domain.

A timeline focusing on what skills should be targeted at what age and what skills to teach across the lifespan are also discussed. The curriculum covers domains that are often neglected in sex education for people with different disabilities in general (e.g. values, types of relationships, gender identity, or preferences). Additionally, this curriculum addresses component skills of sexuality in a way that allows early teaching to build upon areas of learning systematically over time, thus likely to have an improvement in teaching over time.

Key Features

  • Identifies the importance of sex education for autistic treatment
  • Provides curriculum for teaching sex education to this clientele
  • Includes skills relating to hygiene, online safety and abuse prevention
About the author
By Jessica Cauchi, Atlas Behavior Consultation, Endicott College, Canada; Peter Gerhardt, Epic School Endicott College, USA; Justin B Leaf, Autism Partnership Foundation, USA and Mary Jane Weiss, Director, Graduate Program in Autism/ABA Studies, Endicott College, Senior Director of Research, Melmark New England, USA
Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction and Foundational Material
1. Why is this book necessary?
2. How to use this book
3. Interventions

Part Two: Curriculum
4. Age ranges
5. Body parts
6. Menstrual care
7. Reproduction and birth control
8. Health and hygiene
9. Sexuality and the law
10. Online activity
11. Sexual acts
12. Consent
13. Social skills
14. Sexual abuse prevention and reporting
15. Masturbation
16. Sexual orientation
17. Gender identity
18. Individual preferences
19. Types of relationships
20.Problem solving and critical thinking

21. Resources
22. Concluding thoughts

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ISBN: 9780323957434
Page Count: 180
Retail Price : £121.00

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Behavior analysts (ABA), clinical supervisors, psychologists practicing in Autism