A Workbook of Ethical Case Scenarios in Applied Behavior Analysis,
Edition 2
By Darren Sush and Adel C. Najdowski

Publication Date: 06 Dec 2021
Those working within the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) encounter potential ethical dilemmas on a daily basis. While some challenges can be anticipated and appropriately addressed before they become unmanageable, oftentimes behavior analysts are confronted with unforeseen and novel situations that require immediate, yet careful attention. It is impossible to anticipate and plan for every eventuality. A Workbook of Ethical Case Scenarios in Applied Behavior Analysis, Second Edition, presents more than 120 real-world case scenarios commonly faced by individuals practicing ABA. The examples range in difficulty and severity to address the unique challenges and needs of those teaching, practicing, or learning ABA through ethics-focused coursework or preparing for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®) certification exam. In addition to case scenarios, the workbook provides detailed questions to facilitate discussion and critical thinking, offers suggestions related to the navigation of ethically precarious situations, and includes recommendations of ethics codes to consider in relation to each presented scenario.

Key Features

  • Offers case scenarios addressing codes within the BACB®’s Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts
  • Presents detailed question prompts to facilitate discussion and critical thinking
  • Includes recommendations of ethics codes to consider and review in relation to each presented scenario
  • Offers suggestions on the navigation of ethical challenges
  • Discusses how to assess risk and devise ethically appropriate courses of action
  • Provides the entirety of the BACB® ethics code for quick access and reference
About the author
By Darren Sush, Pepperdine University, Department of Psychology, Los Angeles, CA, USA and Adel C. Najdowski, Pepperdine University, Department of Psychology, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Table of Contents

Section I: Background and Preparation for Analysis of Ethical Case Scenarios

1. A Brief Introduction to Ethics in Applied Behavior Analysis

2. Using this Workbook

3. Suggestions for Ethical Decision Making

4. Examples of Completed Case Scenarios

Section II: Ethical Case Scenarios

5. Section 1: Responsibility as a Professional

Case 1: Signed, Sealed

Case 2: Licensed to Ill

Case 3: Dropped Deadline

Case 4: Divided Attention

Case 5: Parents’ Night Out

Case 6: Risky Referral

Case 7: Learn Something New

Case 8: Above Paygrade

Case 9: ACTing Ethically

Case 10: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Case 11: How Different Can It Be?

Case 12: Requested Removal

Case 13: Human Resources

Case 14: Discrimination Discrepancy

Case 15: Equal Opportunity

Case 16: Cultural Conclusions

Case 17: Canceled Considerations

Case 18: Break Up, Break Down

Case 19: Request for Service

Case 20: Unfriend Request

Case 21: Party Time

Case 22: The Only One for the Job

Case 23: Someone’s Gotta Do It

Case 24: I Know That Guy

Case 25: Lack of Snack

Case 26: Ethical Headache

Case 27: Sharing Is Caring

Case 28: Season Pass

Case 29: More Than Friends

Case 30: Swipe Left

Case 31: Just Not Into You

Case 32: Old Flame

Case 33: Slipped My Mind

Case 34: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Case 35: Under the Influence

Case 36: It’s Just Business

Case 37: Gentle Nudge

6. Section 2: Responsibility in Practice

Case 38: No “I¿ in Team

Case 39: Walking Billboard

Case 40: Word of Mouth

Case 41: Holiday Spirit

Case 42: Coffee Talk

Case 43: Decoration Dilemma

Case 44: Scam Likely

Case 45: My Password Is “Password¿

Case 46: Need a Nap

Case 47: Billing Blunder

Case 48: Hidden Fees

Case 49: Monolingual Mess

Case 50: Identity First

Case 51: Safety First

Case 52: Preemptive Plan

Case 53: Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V

Case 54: Running on Empty

Case 55: Sweet Tooth

Case 56: Punitive Measures

Case 57: Let’s Move

Case 58: All in the Family

Case 59: Community Integration

Case 60: Supplies With Legs

Case 61: All Booked Up

Case 62: Unlocked and Unloaded

Case 63: Can You Hear Me Now?

Case 64: Zooming Into Treatment

Case 65: Promises, Promises

7. Section 3: Responsibility to Clients and Stakeholders

Case 66: Unfortunate News

Case 67: Short Staffed

Case 68: Fixer Upper

Case 69: Paused Payments

Case 70: On Call

Case 71: Stay in My Lane

Case 72: Rights to Results

Case 73: You Get What You Get

Case 74: Reasonable Suspicion

Case 75: Fighting Fads

Case 76: Stay the Course

Case 77: Put Words in Your Mouth

Case 78: Nonessential Oils

Case 79: Look No Further

Case 80: Muffin Melodrama

Casee 81: You Scratch My Back

Case 82: Cut Off

Case 83: Should I Stay or Should I Go

8. Section 4: Responsibility to Supervisees and Trainees

Case 84: Spread Too Thin

Case 85: Slippery Supervision

Case 86: Fractured Focus

Case 87: Compliment Sandwich

Case 88: Just Do It

Case 89: Too Good at Goodbyes

Case 90: In Search of Supervision

9. Section 5: Responsibility in Public Statements

Case 91: Hey, That’s Me!

Case 92: Getting the Word Out

Case 93: Take My Advice

Case 94: Problems in Press

Case 95: Press Release

Case 96: Public Persona

Case 97: Don’t Quote Me

Case 98: Varied Expertise

Case 99: Responding to Reviews

Case 100: Good Intentions

Case 101: #Hashtag

Case 102: Internet Troll

Case 103: Training the Trainers

Case 104: Top 10

10. Section 6: Responsibility in Research

Case 105: Crunch the Numbers

Case 106: Undue Influence

Case 107: Et Al

11.Complex Scenarios Involving Multiple Sections of the Code

Case 108: No Show, Oh No!

Case 109: Splitting Up Is Hard to Do

Case 110: Academic Advocacy

Case 111: Something’s in the Air

Case 112: Bury the Lead

Case 113: Chosen Name

Case 114: My Way or the Highway

Case 115: Sign on the Dotted Line

Case 116: Lost in Translation

Case 117: Mad Scientist

Case 118: Social Media Mayday

Case 119: Wear Many Hats

Case 120: Need for Concern?

Case 121: Glitch

Case 122: Behind Closed Doors

Case 123: Adapt and Adjust

Appendix A: Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts

Appendix B: Suggestions of Related Ethics Codes

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