Applied Behavior Analysis Advanced Guidebook,
Edition 2 A Manual for Professional Practice
Edited by James K. Luiselli

Publication Date: 03 Mar 2023

This second edition of Applied Behavior Analysis Advanced Guidebook: A Manual for Professional Practice gives behavior analysts and other behavioral practitioners pragmatic advice, direction, and recommendations for being an effective clinician, consultant, supervisor, and performance manager. Like the first edition, the book includes chapters on evidence-based practice competencies as well as many new areas devoted to professional development, technology, and telehealth service delivery. Written by expert scientist-practitioners, each chapter is filled with guidance that follows from the most contemporary research support.

Key Features

  • Focuses on professional practice areas required among behavior analysts
  • Includes forms, tables, flowcharts, and other visual aids to facilitate practice
  • Presents the most current guidelines for established ABA methods
  • Emphasizes the research basis for practice recommendations
  • Helps readers build skills and competencies that broaden scope of practice
  • Covers emerging topics of telehealth, technology, adult learning, and sports fitness
About the author
Edited by James K. Luiselli, Director of Clinical Development and Research, Melmark, New England, Pennsylvania, USA
Table of Contents

Section 1 Practice competencies

1. Preference assessment and reinforcer evaluation

Judah B. Axe, Christopher A. Tullis, Caleb R. Davis, and Mei-Hua Li

2. Treatment integrity and procedural fidelity

Tiffany Kodak, Samantha Bergmann, and Mindy Waite

3. Functional analysis: Contemporary methods and applications

John Michael Falligant, Brianna Laureano, Emily Chesbrough, and Samantha Hardesty

4. Video modeling

Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, Sandra A. Ruby, Matthew M. Laske, and Jason C. Vladescu

5. Creating graphs and visual data displays

Daniel R. Mitteer, Michael P. Kranak, Ashley M. Fuhrman, and Brian D. Greer

6. Supervising ABA trainees and service providers

Amber L. Valentino and Mia N. Broker

7. Applied behavior analysis and college teaching

Traci M. Cihon, Bokyeong Amy Kim, John Eshleman, and Brennan Armshaw

Section 2 Technology, telehealth, and remote service delivery

8. Technology guidelines and applications

Brittany J. Bice-Urbach

9. Data recording and analysis

David J. Cox, Asim Javed, Jacob Sosine, Clara Cordeiro, and Javier Sotomayor

10. Behavior analytic supervision conducted remotely

Lisa N. Britton and Tyra P. Sellers

11. Teleconsultation to service settings

Evan H. Dart, Nicolette Bauermeister, Courtney Claar, Ashley Dreiss, Jasmine Gray, and Tiara Rowell

12. Telehealth-delivered family support

Kelly M. Schieltz, Matthew J. O’Brien, and Loukia Tsami

Section 3 Professional development

13. Diversity and multiculturalism

Brian Conners

14. Ethics and ethical problem solving

Matthew T. Brodhead and Noel E. Oteto

15. Organizational behavior management in human services

James K. Luiselli

16. Practice and consultation in health, sport, and fitness

Julie M. Slowiak, Janet Dai, Sarah Davis, and Rocky Perez

17. Conducting and disseminating research

James K. Luiselli, Frank Bird, Helena Maguire, and Rita M. Gardner

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Page Count: 486
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Clinicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), and other professionals who work directly with children with ASD