Shared Research Resources,
Edition 1 Best Practices in Management and Administration
Edited by Andrew Vinard, Julie Auger and Joshua Z. Rappoport

Publication Date: 01 Jun 2026
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Shared Research Resources: Best Practices in Management and Administration brings together best practices and case studies from research institutions around the world. Covering all areas of management, with examples and applications specific to the research environment, this is the perfect reference to build managerial skills. The first part is dedicated to introducing Shared Research Resources (SRR) management. The second part covers all aspects of staffing. Part three contains complete coverage of operations, including service development, instrument procurement, marketing, management software, customer support, safety, maintenance and repair. Part four is dedicated to fiscal management, budgeting, and reporting.

Part five covers strategic management. Part six is devoted to the sustainability of the core facility. The final part covers assessment, including annual reports, program reviews, and audits. This book is a complete reference targeted at SRR managers and staff who need to keep updated with current best practices and case studies. It is also important reading for research institution managers and function leaders.

Key Features

  • Shares best practices and case studies on shared research resources management from leading institutions around the globe
  • Provides theory and practical advice on all main management areas, with direct application to SRR management
  • Serves as course material or self-learning guide
About the author
Edited by Andrew Vinard, Director, Centralized Core Facilities, UMass Amherst Institute for Applied Life Sciences; Julie Auger, Executive Director, Research Core Facilities Program, UC Davis and Joshua Z. Rappoport, Executive Director, Research Infrastructure & Operations, Boston College
Table of Contents
Part I: Introduction to SRR Management
1. Introduction to Core Facilities and Shared Research Resources Management/Administration (i.e. Mission and Vision of Cores)

Part II: Personnel
1. Staffing
2. Staff training
3. Professional development
4. Core specific career paths
5. Diversity Equity Inclusion

Part III: Operations
1. Service development and evolution
2. Instrument procurement
3. Marketing
4. Core management software options
5. Customer service and engagement
6. Rigor and Reproducibility
7. Lab safety
8. Maintenance and repair

Part IV: Fiscal Management
1. Uniform Guidance and other regulations (US OMB focus)
2. Budgeting
3. Expenses
4. Rate development and compliance with federal guidance
5. Annual financial reporting

Part V: Strategic Management
1. Central leadership and advocacy
2. Return on investment
3. External engagement
4. Metrics for assessment
5. Publications and acknowledgements

Part VI: Managing for Sustainability
1. Grant funding
2. Greening of the lab
3. Emergency management and business continuity planning

Part VII: Assessment
1. Annual reports
2. Program reviews
3. Audits
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ISBN: 9780443133992
Page Count: 300
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Current and aspiring Shared Research Resource staff, managers, and directors, Institutional Shared Research Resource administrators