Planning and Operation of Container Terminals,
Edition 1
By Kap-Hwan Kim

Publication Date: 18 Oct 2023

Planning and Operation of Container Terminals provides methodologies to optimize the design of container handling systems. The book offers various optimization models and details how to apply the models. In addition, it captures key points of academic research to provide a thorough and up-to-date guide on this rapidly changing field. Sections cover various aspects of terminal operation and propose key issues for their optimization. In addition, the relationships among various operational problems are described, along with tactics for the efficient utilization of resources. Students and professionals alike will find this a useful resource for getting up-to-speed in this dynamic field.

The efficiency of a container terminal highly depends on the design of handling systems and operation methods of the terminal. In recent decades, the development of ports has become large-scale, modern and automatic, so it is necessary to learn about the design and operation of modern ports quickly and to understand the research hotspots, research frontiers and research status in the current field, as well as the use and innovation of research methods.

Key Features

  • Provides a well-organized overview on the optimization of design and the operation of container terminals
  • Covers nearly every issue related to terminal operation
  • Includes algorithms that will be especially useful to those in industry, particularly those involved in the automation of terminal equipment
About the author
By Kap-Hwan Kim, Professor, Ocean College, Zhejiang University, China
Table of Contents
  1. Facilities, handling processes, and automation
  2. Facilities planning
  3. Designing a storage yard
  4. Overview of operation planning and control
  5. Berth and ship operation scheduling
  6. Planning storage activities
  7. Real-time locating, relocating, and re-marshalling containers
  8. Managing storage space demand
  9. Transport systems
  10. Yard crane & operator scheduling
  11. Collaboration with outside partners
  12. Competition among container terminals
  13. Logistics resource sharing
Book details
ISBN: 9780443138232
Page Count: 474
Retail Price : £103.00
University students and researchers studying logistics, seaports, supply chain management, transportation, harbor engineering, and optimization People in practice working at container terminal operation companies, manufacturing companies of container handling equipment, port development companies, and software development companies for container terminals