Occupational Therapies Without Borders,
Edition 2 integrating justice with practice
By Dikaios Sakellariou, PhD, MSc, BSc, FHEA and Nick Pollard, PhD, MA, MSc, DipCOT, FHEA

Publication Date: 24 Nov 2016

The new edition of this landmark international work builds on the previous two volumes, offering a window onto occupational therapy practice, theory and ideas in different cultures and geographies. It emphasizes the importance of critically deconstructing and engaging with the broader context of occupation, particularly around how occupational injustices are shaped through political, economic and historical factors.

Centering on the wider social and political aspects of occupation and occupation-based practices, this textbook aims to inspire occupational therapy students and practitioners to include transformational elements into their practice. It also illustrates how occupational therapists from all over the world can affect positive changes by engaging with political and historical contexts.

Divided into six sections, the new edition begins by analyzing the key concepts outlined throughout, along with an overview on the importance and practicalities of monitoring and evaluation in community projects. Section Two explores occupation and justice emphasizing that issues of occupational injustice are present everywhere, in different forms: from clinical settings to community-based rehabilitation. Section Three covers the enactment of different Occupational Therapies with a focus on the multiplicity of occupational therapy from the intimately personal to the broadly political. Section Four engages with the broader context of occupational therapy from the political to the financial. The chapters in this section highlight the recent financial crisis and the impact it has had on people’s everyday life. Section Five collects a range of different approaches to working to enable a notion of occupational justice. Featuring chapters from across the globe, Section Six concludes by highlighting the importance and diversity of educational practices.

Key Features

  • Comprehensively covers occupational therapy theory, methodology and practice examples related to working with underserved and neglected populations
  • Gives a truly global overview with contributions from over 100 international leading experts in the field and across a range of geographical, political and linguistic contexts
  • Demonstrates how occupational injustices are shaped through political, economic and historical factors
  • Advocates participatory approaches which work for those who experience inequalities

New Features

  • Includes a complete set of new chapters
  • Explores neoliberalism and financial contexts, and their impact on occupation
  • Examines the concept of disability
  • Discusses theoretical and practical approaches to occupational justice
About the author
By Dikaios Sakellariou, PhD, MSc, BSc, FHEA, Senior Lecturer, School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University and Nick Pollard, PhD, MA, MSc, DipCOT, FHEA, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Vocational, Rehabilitation Department, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
Table of Contents

Foreword by Debbie Laliberte Rudman
Foreword by Alejandro Guajardo
Preface by Frank Kronenberg, Salvador Simó Algado
List of Contributors

1 Introduction
Dikaios Sakellariou, Nick Pollard

2 Occupational Justice: A Fine Balance For Occupational Therapists
Evelyne Durocher

3 Exploring Occupation Beyond The Individual: Family And Collective Occupation
Sarah Kantartzis

4 Conceptualizing Disability
Hannah Kuper, Jörg Günter Weber

5 The Impact Of Neoliberalism On Health And The Health System: The Case Of Chile
Elena Rotarou, Daniela Olivares

6 Austerity And The Rise Of Hostility Towards Marginalized Groups
Helen Claire Smith

7 Are We Really Making A Difference? Monitoring And Evaluation In Community Based Practice
Kerry Thomas, Susan Gilbert Hunt

8 Designing Participatory Action Research To Relocate Margins, Borders And Centres
Wendy Bryant, Anna Rachel Pettican, Simone Coetzee

9 Occupational Justice In Everyday Occupational Therapy Practice
Antoine L. Bailliard, Rebecca M. Aldrich

10 Owning Occupational Therapy Theories And Concepts: Wearing Your Own Coat!
Farzaneh Yazdani

11 Human Rights, Occupational Therapy And The Centrality Of Social Practices
Alejandro Guajardo, Margarita Mondaca

12 Appreciating The Lived Experience Of Some Older Gay People: Considerations For Contemporary Occupational Therapy Practice
Rebecca Twinley, Lee Price

13 Broadening Understandings Of Occupational Identity: Illustrations From A Research Study Of Homeless Adults
Miranda Cunningham

14 Leisure As A Route To Social And Occupational Justice For Individuals With Profound Levels Of Disability
Anne Fenech, Lesley Collier

15 In Our Own Hands And In The Eyes Of Others: The Emancipatory Imperative Of Occupational Witnessing For Belonging And Becoming
Tina Mcgrath

16 Return To Work Support For Breast Cancer Survivors: A Recently Qualified Occupational Therapist’s Journey Into Research
Jonathan Tigwell

17 Systematic Mapping Review Of Notions Of Justice In Occupational Therapy
Jyothi Gupta, Tracy Garber

18 The Participatory Occupational Justice Framework: Salience Across Contexts
Gail Whiteford, Elizabeth Townsend, Olive Bryanton, Alison Wicks, Robert Pereira

19 Cultivating A Human Rights Culture For Occupational Therapy
Danika Galvin, Clare Wilding

20 Occupational Therapy In A Glocalized World
Solangel Garcia-Ruiz

21 Our Professional Existence Is Political: Critical Reflections On ‘Seeing White’ In Occupational Therapy
Lily Owens

22 Occupational Therapy Across South America: An Overview Of Its Backgrounds, Current Situation And Some Contemporary Issues
Vagner Dos Santos

23 Investigating Occupational Therapy: From Disability Studies To Ability Studies
Gregor Wolbring, Tsing-Yee (Emily) Chai

24 Living And Working As An Underground Occupational Therapist/Scientist In Los Angeles
Susan Saylor Stouffer

25 Occupational Science Informing Practice For Occupational Justice
Clare Hocking, Jenni Mace

26 Enabling Occupational Therapy Practice In Marginal Settings
Jennifer Creek

27 Social Occupational Therapy, Citizenship, Rights, And Policies: Connecting The Voices Of Collectives And Individuals
Roseli Esquerdo Lopes, Ana Paula Serrata Malfitano

28 The Impact Of Social And Political Contexts On The Development Of Occupational Therapy In The Republic Of Croatia
Sasa Radic, Ivana Klepo

29 Utilizing A Sustainable Community Of Practice Model To Build Best Practice In Wheelchair Provision On The Island Of Ireland
Rosemary Joan Gowran, Jackie Casey, Jean M. Daly

30 Human-Centred Dialogue Involving A Man With A Severe Speech Impairment In Occupational Therapy Education
Rick Stoddart, David Turnbull, Daniel Lowrie, Jessie Wilson

31 Occupation-Based Community Development: Confronting The Politics Of Occupation
Roshan Galvaan, Liesl Peters

32 Culturally Responsive Care In Occupational Therapy: Learning From Other Worldviews
Pamela Talero

33 Factors Influencing The Role Of South African Occupational Therapists In The Occupational Therapy Intervention Design Process
Pam Gretschel, Elelwani Ramugondo, Roshan Galvaan

34 Theoretical Intersections: Using Anthropology, Social Justice, And Life Course Perspectives For Addressing Occupational Injustice
Amy Paul-Ward

35 The Duty To Age Well: Critical Reflections On Occupational Possibilities Shaped Through Discursive And Policy Responses To Population Ageing
Debbie Laliberte Rudman

36 Freedom And Rights In An Age Of Austerity
Heather Bullen

37 Stories In Times Of Crisis: Reflections From A Professional Development And Support Group In Greece
Maria Kouloumpi, Theodoros Bogeas, Eftychia Kalimana, Ivi Kotsini, Martha Kokkorou, Maria Zoumpopoulou, Maria Margari, Sofia Kelemouridou, Maria Katsamagkou

38 The Impact Of The Economic Crisis On The Daily Life Of People In Spain
Pablo A. Cantero Garlito, Daniel Emeric Méaulle

39 Promoting Active Citizenship Against Poverty Through A Participatory Community Intervention
Salvador Simó Algado, Jordi De San Eugenio, Xavier Ginesta

40 Inequality And Socioeconomic Discrimination Of Indigenous People: The Case Of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Elena S. Rotarou

41 Faces Of Caregiving In A South African Context
Thavanesi Gurayah, Pragashnie Govender, Deshini Naidoo, Deborah Leigh Fewster, Thanalutchmy Lingah

42 Occupational Deprivation For Asylum Seekers
Anne-Le Morville, Lena-Karin Erlandsson

43 Empowering Social Inclusion In Challenging Times
Theodoros Bogeas, Sarah Kantartzis, Marion Ammeraal, Liliya Asenova Todorova, Salvador Simó Algado, Marijke C. Burger, Varvara Apostologlou, Dimitrios Karamitsos, Maria Karampetsou, Stefanos Lazopoulos, Katrien Meermans, Vasiliki Tsonou

44 Just How Do You Work With ‘The Community’?
Martin O’Neill

45 Mind The Gap; Addressing Inequalities In Health Through Occupation-Based Practices
Hanneke E. Van Bruggen

46 Working On A Human Scale To Revitalize The Community We Live In
Laura Parraquini, Federico Barroso Lelouche

47 Occupational Justice And Advocacy: Working With Former Refugees And Asylum Seekers At Personal And Community Levels
Yda Smith

48 Occupational Therapy In Chile: An Experience Against Occupational Injustice Of Mothers With Intellectual Disabilities
Constanza Dehays Pinochet, Melissa Hichins Arismendi, Vanessa Vidal Castillo, Cristian Aranda Farías, Wilson Verdugo Huenumán, Andrea Yupanqui Concha

49 Occupational Therapy Focusing On Social Change: An Experience In Disability-Inclusive Development In Tunisia
Hetty Fransen-Jaïbi

50 Occupational Justice For Asylum Seeker And Refugee Children: Issues, Effects, And Action
Concettina Trimboli

51 Community Crafts: A Sustainable Resource Contributing To Health, Well-Being, And Community Cohesion
Jane Diamond, Imogen Gordon

52 Community Health Promotion In A Resource Constrained Setting: Lessons From Malawi
Hidenori Matsuo

53 Inclusive Education In The Framework Of An International Cooperation Project: A Community Approach For The Inclusion And Participation Of Children
Esther Dominguez Vega

54 People With Disabilities In East Timor: Some Considerations For Occupational Therapy Practice In Developing Countries
Jane Shamrock

55 Crossing The Practice Border For Children With Disabilities: Participation-Enabling Skills In Communities
Margaret Jones, Clare Hocking

56 Disaster Support Activities After The Great East Japan Earthquake In Fukushima
Yoshitaka Shiino, Keiichi Hasegawa

57 Occupational Therapy At The Top Of The World
Alexis Davis, Deborah Simpson

58 Reactivating Our Occupational Nature For Sustainable Occupational Therapy
Ben Whittaker, Gaynor Sadlo

59 Eco-Social Occupational Therapy: Towards An Occupational Ecology
Salvador Simó Algado, Maria Kapanadze

60 Venture Think Tank: The Politics, Technologies, And Occupations Of Disability And Mechanical Ventilation
Pamela Block, Brooke Ellison, Mary Squillace

61 Community Engagement In Occupational Therapy
Margaret Mcgrath

62 From Rhetoric To Reality: Community Development In Occupational Therapy Curriculum
Susan Gilbert Hunt, Ben Sellar, Angela Berndt, Emma George, Kerry Thomas, Kristen Marie Foley

63 Reading, Critical Reflection, And Collective Knowledge Construction At Bibliographic Atheneums
Andrea Fabiana Albino, María Marcela Bottinelli, Federico Juan Manuel Zorzoli, Mariela Nabergoi, Liliana Paganizzi, Luis Ernesto Chaura, Guadalupe Dïaz Usandivaras, Natalia Spallato, Andrea Verónica Medina, Micaela Waldman

64 The Evolution Of Occupational Therapy As A Profession In The People’s Republic Of China
Kit Sinclair, Mengan Cao

65 Challenges In The Education Of Occupational Therapists, Discussed From A Critical Perspective
Mónica Palacios Tolvett, Mónica Díaz Leiva

66 Collective Occupations And Social Transformations: A Mad Hot Curriculum
Gelya Frank

67 Political Activities In The Classroom: Although Difficult, Change Is Possible
Liliana Paganizzi


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