Practical General Practice Nursing,
Edition 1
By Marion Welsh and Susan Brooks

Publication Date: 20 Sep 2021

This brand-new title Practical General Practice Nursing has been developed to support the professional development of the General Practice Nurse, in particular the ‘early career’ practitioner. This book provides a contemporary and practical approach to understanding the breadth and depth of this unique community nursing role. With the content developed by expert practitioners and nurse educators from across the UK this truly comprehensive book covers a wide range of clinical and professional topics.

Presented in an easy to read format, which is illustrated in full colour, this book represents an excellent resource to support the practice nurse in the delivery of evidence-based care. Marion Welsh and Sue Brooks, both of whom have wealth of experience in working as General Practice Nurses, have edited this first edition, whose key features include:

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of evidence-based person-centred care
  • Practical application for contemporary practice
  • Perspectives and policies from all four countries of the UK

About the author
By Marion Welsh and Susan Brooks
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ISBN: 9780702080289
Page Count: 256
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