Introduction to Digital Signal Processing,
Edition 1
By Robert Meddins

Publication Date: 05 Sep 2000

Introduction to Digital Signal Processing covers the basic theory and practice of digital signal processing (DSP) at an introductory level. As with all volumes in the Essential Electronics Series, this book retains the unique formula of minimal mathematics and straightforward explanations. The author has included examples throughout of the standard software design package, MATLAB and screen dumps are used widely throughout to illustrate the text.

Ideal for students on degree and diploma level courses in electric and electronic engineering, 'Introduction to Digital Signal Processing' contains numerous worked examples throughout as well as further problems with solutions to enable students to work both independently and in conjunction with their course.

Key Features

  • Assumes only minimum knowledge of mathematics and electronics
  • Concise and written in a straightforward and accessible style
  • Packed with worked examples, exercises and self-assesment questions
About the author
By Robert Meddins, University of East Anglia, UK
Table of Contents
The basicsDiscrete signals and systemsThe z-planeThe design of IIR filtersThe design of FIR filters
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ISBN: 9780750650489
Page Count: 161
Retail Price : £48.99
Level 3 and 4