Past and Future of Information Systems,
Edition 1
Edited by Professor Kim Viborg Andersen and Professor Morten Thanning Vendelo

Publication Date: 15 Mar 2004
Taking the recent discussions on the status of information systems as a discrete discipline as its starting point, The Past and Future of Information Systems draws together many of the pioneers of IS research, to give their own perspectives and insights to the debate. This reflective text looks back on the last 30 years of IS research, as well as glancing towards the future, ensuring that it will be of great interest to anyone working within the IS field.

Key Features

* Written by the pioneers of IS research who have become the 'gurus' in the global IS community* Provides an historical perspective in the growth of IS research as well as a look at future developments* A seminal work, providing insights on a wide spectrum of issues in IS research
About the author
Edited by Professor Kim Viborg Andersen, Department of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; and Professor Morten Thanning Vendelo, Department of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Table of Contents
Preface; Introduction; IS Across the World; HCI/CSCW; IT Consulting Dismal Science; Why IT is Different; Making Human Factors Human; Implementing IT-Based Innovation in Health Care; Interdisciplinary Knowledge Approaches - IT Research and the Future Role of University Research; Empirical Impact Analysis of E-business; Mobile Commerce; Technichange - IT related Change Management; A Twenty Five Year Retrospective of Technology and Job Design; Multiview - A Contingency Framework for IS Development; Epilogue; References; Subject index; Author index
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ISBN: 9780750661416
Page Count: 288
Retail Price : £51.99
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