Starting Electronics Construction,
Edition 1 Techniques, Equipment and Projects
By Keith Brindley

Publication Date: 17 Aug 2005
As a step-by-step guide from circuit design to finished product, this practical electronics book actually explains how to select the right tools and components for the job, use a soldering iron, etch a printed circuit board and mount the finished product in a case – and puts skills into practice through simple self-build projects.Whilst most electronics texts focus on theoretical knowledge, Keith Brindley presents a genuinely 'practical' bench guide and reference for electronics experimenters. The straightforward, interactive style of this book makes it ideal for home electronics work and particularly suitable as an introduction to university lab courses for students who are not familiar with hands-on electronics construction. The book also lends itself as a self-contained resource for secondary school and vocational course classroom projects.

Key Features

* Master the practical techniques of electronics construction, from using a soldering iron to etching a printed circuit board, and mounting the finished product in a case* Apply practical electronics skills through a series of simple self-build projects* A bench reference guide to selecting and using the right tools, techniques and components, whatever your project
About the author
By Keith Brindley, Electronics and computing writer, Leicestershire, UK
Table of Contents
Introduction Tools — the main tools needed: Components, Resistors, Capacitors, Semiconductors Circuit Development — the design and manufacture of boards: Printed circuit board design principles, Layout, Practical considerations, Etching Equipment, Maintaining printed circuit board usability, Drilling, Component insertion, Component soldering and hand soldering technique, Component lead cuttingEnclosures, fixings and Hardware: Enclosure types, Printed circuit board mounting methods, Input/output, Front/rear panel layout and marking, Other considerations, Connectors, Fuses and Circuit Breakers, Optoelectronics, Switches, TransformersProjects: Guitar pre-amp, Kitchen timer, Rechargeable battery charger, Bench PSU
Book details
ISBN: 9780750667364
Page Count: 320
Retail Price : £27.99
Brindley: Starting Electronics 3e (2004, Newnes, £9.99 GBP/ $19.95 USD, 288pp, ISBN: 0750663863Gibelisco: Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics 3e (2001, McGraw-Hill / TAB, 800pp, ISBN: 0071377301)Sinclair: Electronics Made Simple (2002, Newnes, £12.99, 224pp, ISBN: 075065368X)
Hobby electronics, UK secondary school electronics and technology / High School, Further Education / Vocational, Undergraduates tackling construction projects for the first time, Technicians, Electronics servicing students and practitioners, other craftspeople who need to know the basics of electronics construction, e.g. intruder alarm installers.